pitchfork-trident - Image by Stefano Ferrario from Pixabay InsideSales.com has taken the brave move of rebranding itself to XANT. XANT provides the same sales acceleration solutions as it did under the old brand. It no doubt hopes that the new image will help it to increase visibility. One of the challenges with naming a company after functionality (InsideSales) is that competitors will often be able to highlight google adwords and search engines demote important posts. With a name like XANT it appears it only needs to compete with a wind turbine manufacturer rather than the wide variety thought leadership and competitors that appear when “Inside Sales” is entered.

Not just a new brand

This is not the only thing that has changed recently at the company. In the last few months, it has appointed Chris Harrington CEO, John Markovich CFO and Matt Langie as CMO as well as several other leadership changes. The new name, based partly on the sounds within cognizant aims to deliver insights based on AI technology to organisations through the sales pipeline. Its new website and domain, www.xant.ai reflects this change to focus on its heritage of AI rather than a just another CRM platform.

XANT is also extending its functionality. It is delivering its “all-knowing“ insights to the sales team. It is also supporting the account management and marketing functions within its “Revenue Acceleration Cloud”. This is done by leveraging the data sourced from three integrations: Infor, Microsoft, Salesforce and SAP.

Chris Harrington, CEO of XANT commented: “XANT is changing how B2B enterprises buy and sell to each other, and our former brand did not capture that. No group has benefited more from the continued proliferation of data and digital access than buyers – think about how much a buyer knows about a company they are considering buying from before they ever talk to a sales rep?  How does a sales professional adapt in this world? 

“XANT will do for sales what Waze did for navigation by using collective user experiences to improve sales interactions. We will continue to build on the company’s unparalleled data insights that help reps build closable pipeline and engage customers in ways that AI and CRM alone cannot.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

It is rare that companies decide to change brand. The new team at InsideSales believes that a fresh start with a new marketing initiative is clearly the right approach. It will interesting to see how the new three pronged marketing approach works.

There is also no sign yet that XANT will be sponsoring Dreamforce 2019, as they have in previous years. It will have a presence there according to a cached web page. This may be just because they were waiting for the name change. Expect the cadence of news from XANT to increase compared to its former self.


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