Mirantis gives customers cloud modelling toolsDave Van Everen, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing, Mirantis talked to Enterprise Times at the Open Infrastructure conference about their latest announcements. One challenge that organisations face is how to get their cloud environments right. Before speaking to ET, Van Everen had just announced the Model Designer for Mirantis Cloud Platform at Open Infrastructure.

In this podcast, he talks more about the Model Designer and what customers can expect. In effect, this is Infrastructure as Code (IaC). It allows customers to look at their own needs and use cases, to build their cloud model. Importantly, it allows them to do all of this before they start with their cloud environment. According to Van Everen: “What makes this unique is the way we have designed the wizard to allow them to control the experience”

Dave van Everen, Senior Vice President at Mirantis
Dave van Everen, Senior Vice President at Mirantis

Customers are able to either use defaults or add their own parameters. Where the customer is looking at separate cloud environment for different applications, this should save significant time. It also plays well to customers who have specific cloud-based workloads such as HPC, AI or ML. It will allow them to create cloud deployment boilerplates and compare different clouds when they are looking at where to place those applications and workloads. There is a caveat to that. While the idea of moving apps to the “best fit” cloud sounds good, it does require a lot of planning and acceptance that all clouds are not equal.

This is where Mirantis believes it has a jump start on competitors. It has a large managed service provider (MSP) market. Those MSP could add services around the Model Designer to enable customers to get on the platform quickly. One way would be to create standard workload models, such as HPC and AI, and then help customers to tune for their specific needs.

To hear more of what Van Everen had to say listen to the podcast.

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