Jesta I.S. Inc has officially announced the release of its Trade Management Portal (TMP). The platform provides (is) a portal that provides all parties within the supply chain to create and manage orders. The system is integrated with boty the Jesta I.S Vision Sourcing and Demand and Merchandising solutions. This means that data only needs entering once by buyers, and according to Jesta IS eliminates the need for manual entry.

Once on the platform, both buyers and suppliers are able to view and update information using role based security. They are able to collaborate with each other and attach comments to specific orders where relevant. Both parties are able to attach documents and generate and print the appropriate shipping documents. The location of the shipment is also visible, allowing the buyer to know where the shipment is and importantly, whether it is delayed.

Arvind Gupta, Jesta’s President commented: “Through our ongoing work with brands around the world, we quickly identified the need for a procurement and collaboration platform that would give global supply chain partners unparalleled agility, visibility and control over orders and shipments. We’re excited about the launch of Jesta’s Trade Management Portal, which accomplishes this goal via a single, cloud-based, shared platform while streamlining and optimizing the movement of goods and enabling real-time communication among all stakeholders in the supply chain.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean.

There is a lot of information missing about TMP that makes it difficult to compare with solutions such as SAP Ariba and Infor GT Nexus.

  • Does the platform integrate to any other ERP solutions? For instance, will the buyer be able to extract data from the platform into their own ERP system?
  • How many suppliers are already on the platform? Will each customer need to sign up its supply chain or can suppliers be associated with multiple customers?
  • Are any third party logistics companies or shipping companies integrating their data with the solution. This would enable location and shipping data to be updated automatically.
  • What international shipping and customers documents are supported?

The press release and available collateral (registration required) on the website is lacking such information. While this is a useful tool for Jesta IS customers to share information and data with their suppliers. How much value does it add to their suppliers? Is this just an enhanced supplier portal?

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