Jason McGee on IBM, Cloud Foundry and KubernetesJason McGee is the CTO of all things Platform as a Service at IBM Cloud. Among the products he looks after is IBM’s Cloud Foundry distribution. IBM already has a range of products around Cloud Foundry including Private, Dedicated and Public. These match the way it offers its cloud services. At Cloud Foundry it introduced IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Edition. McGee describes it as: “An isolated and fully dedicated version of Cloud Foundry in the public cloud.” He also calls it an evolution of the exiting dedicated offering intended to appeal to a specific sector of its enterprise client base.

Jason McGee, IBM Fellow, VP and CTO, IBM Cloud Platform
Jason McGee, IBM Fellow, VP and CTO, IBM Cloud Platform

McGee talks about it being an isolated version that allows customers to blend the best of public and private Cloud Foundry. This is about speeding up the provisioning of Cloud Foundry instances. It is fully elastic, priced by the hour and can be deployed through a self-service portal. This is what customers want when they think of cloud. McGee believes that customers will adopt it quickly although he gives no indication on the impact it may have on existing Cloud Foundry versions.

A new version of Cloud Foundry was not the only thing that McGee talked about. He spoke about the Erini project with SUSE and SAP. It allows companies to plug in Kubernetes to their Cloud Foundry deployment. McGee believes that this offers efficiency and other advantages.

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