Image credit PIxabay/Lincerta and LinkedIN ChrisWadeEnterprise Times spoke to Chris Wade, Vice President of Product at Sage at the London Sage Session event. The discussion focused on why Sage launched Sage Business Cloud and how he sees it evolving. Wade commented that “Sage Business Cloud” gives the customer a framework to understand what their journey could look like with Sage. That journey could begin either with a legacy product or Sage Accounting but could continue as the customer grows to become an enterprise.

Sage recently renamed their product range within Sage Business Cloud (SBC) as SBC Accounting, SBC Financials, SBC Enterprise Management. ET challenged Wade that the the new brand names were hardly emotive. He argued that when seen within the umbrella of Sage Business Cloud they make sense.

Wade has also seen Sage evolve and change during his long tenure of 14 years at the organisation. He has seen CEO’s come and explains how the company has evolved through the different people in charge.  He talks about how Stephen Kelly is doing the right thing , moving Sage to become a global organisation with some shared services rather than the regionalised model he inherited.

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