Software AG (Credit image/Pixabay/Martin Vorel)Software AG has launched the ARIS AI Companion to enable employees to analyse processes, and identify inefficiencies in their organisation. Thanks to these new AI-enabled process mining capabilities, any teams can now, for the first time, analyse their own process data. Software AG suggests it will transform processes with ease to achieve operational excellence and resilience.

Software AG suggests organisations are grappling with rapid change, while striving to stay competitive and differentiate themselves. They know they need to change but struggle to identify the specific areas that drive progress. This is further complicated as more employees become involved without adequate expertise in process modelling or data-driven decision-making. To manage growth and empower teams, businesses require robust tools that can be used by every employee who can positively affect operational optimisation. The ARIS AI Companion encourages participation from all business users. The platform empowers enterprises to identify specific areas of improvement within their operations and contribute to the transformation journey.

(Image credit/LinkedIn/Dr Stefan Sigg)
Dr Stefan Sigg, CPO, Software AG.

Dr Stefan Sigg, Chief Product Officer at Software AG suggested, “Businesses ultimately need to be more competitive and differentiate. The barrier is that they often have a sense of what to do, but the complexity of their organisation prevents them from identifying clear areas of improvement. As they attempt to analyse key business processes, adoption of sophisticated accessible, process modelling and process mining tools is necessary.

“Introducing AI assistance into ARIS will accelerate and simplify this initiative. Using natural language prompts to extract specific insights from process data is a really sharp weapon for teams to create sustainable business success.”

Better decision making

ARIS supports users to interactively query and gain intelligence from the vast wealth of process data. Software AG says it fosters a deeper understanding of business processes and facilitating more informed decision making, especially:

  • ARIS AI Companion (Process Mining): This allows anyone in an organisation to lean on standard and relevant business questions to easily investigate processes. They can ask questions, such as “find the anomalies in our purchase-to-pay processes?” Alternatively, “what are the biggest bottlenecks in our distribution networks?” They can get comprehensive answers in response. This turns opaque data into very actionable insight. Available immediately.
  • ARIS AI Companion (Process Modelling): This helps overcome the “blank canvas syndrome” that prevents many employees from documenting key processes. Using natural language prompts, anyone in the business will be able to generate process models without manual editing effort. Expected to be available in Q3 2024.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

The key challenge that enterprises need to overcome on a regular basis require constant innovation. This is never truer than when it comes to today’s competitive marketplace irrespective of market or sector. Businesses need new thinking and fresh answers they are to rise to the ongoing business issues they face today. Key to that new thinking is access to data which often resides in multiple applications and silos.

Software AG’s ARIS AI Companion AI-powered process mining is expected to support any employee to easily drive operational excellence. The company says the solution will help overcome organisational complexity, establish greater agility and differentiation. It may be a step in the right direction for businesses. A solution for organisations facing data avalanche, helping to simplify complexity, connect siloes and increase transparency.


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