Makip (image credit/Pixabay/ Steve Adcock)Sizing technology specialist, Makip has signed-up its first UK customer, independent fashion brand, Batch LDN. Batch’s online shoppers are now benefiting from Makip’s unique technology Unisize. The solution helps customers ‘try on’ and purchase the most suitable and perfectly fitting suits with confidence on their first attempt.

Online shoppers are asked basic questions such as age, weight and height to understand the measurements of their body, allowing the technology to accurately map the individual’s body size to the clothing item and display how the garments will fit the shopper’s unique physique.

With UK consumers spending some £54bn annually on fashion and apparel, the industry has become responsible for up to 8% of global carbon emissions. Makip’s technology supports Batch’s online growth ambitions and aligns with its commitment to drive a more sustainable fashion ecosystem.

Igniting change in the fashion industry

Sam Matanle, Batch LDN Co-Founder, said, “Sustainability is the core concept at Batch LDN. We were motivated to create Batch to help ignite change within the fashion industry. An industry which by 2025 will account for 25% of the world’s carbon budget, which is second only to oil!”

At Batch we exclusively make-to-order. This allows us to only manufacture exactly what we need, cutting out the over-production and waste prevalent in the industry. When you consider that over 60% of the 32 billion garments made every single year end up in landfill, that’s some 650 items a second. The current model does not work,” added Matanle.

Over the coming year, and beyond, we are looking to increase our online sales. Ensuring people have the confidence to check out online, knowing they have the right fit, is the key. Features like Unisize will play a valuable role in achieving this.

Additionally, we have a 0.3% return rate. As we expand the business and increase our online customer base, Unisize will be a key tool in ensuring we keep returns and waste to an absolute minimum,” continued Matanle.

Supporting Batch LDN’s growth plans

(credit image/LinkedIn/Shingo Tsukamoto)
Shingo Tsukamoto, President of Makip

Shingo Tsukamoto, President of Makip said, “UK fashion brands and retailers alike are under increasing pressure to provide the best customer experience. At the same time demonstrating their commitment to sustainability. Consumers rightly expect assurances that they can be confident that their purchase will fit as expected. While minimising any environmental damage.

“We look forward to providing Batch LDN with Unisize to support its growth plans. Furthermore, underpinning its sustainable ethos is important to Makip. We look forward to working with Batch LDN and supporting its journey!

Matanle added, “If something fits you well, you are far more likely to wear it and continue wearing it. If it does not fit you well, you will not wear it. So fit should be the primary thought process when it comes to shopping for fashion. People need to feel confident that they are going to get the right size. That means that they are not going to return based on fit reasons. This is where having an AI fit checker will significantly support our online growth plans.”

Our innovative Batch model allows you to save money and the planet. At the same time as getting a perfectly fitting suit. We are looking forward to continuing our journey with Makip, as we rewrite the script on fast fashion. In addition to tackling our culture of overconsumption,” concluded Matanle.

Enterprise Times: What this means for businesses

Getting product size right remains one of the major headaches for retailers and online brands. Retailers must develop a size guide based on the size guidelines of multiple brands and manufacturers from around the globe. Furthermore, they must add the international size dimension into the mix. For instance, a size ‘large’ may mean quite different for a US apparel manufacturer, compared to a Korean clothing brand. Poorly produced or inaccurate size guides remain a major cause for customers to return products.

When customers can order the right size in a seamless and easy manner and without relying on guesswork, then both the retailer and consumer win. Hence why Makip has been successful selling its solutions to retailers across the globe. So, it is not surprising the company has signed its first UK customer after launching in the UK in April 2023. Needless to say, expect many other online brands and retailers will be beating the path to Makip’s door.


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