Makip (credit image/Pixabay/David)Sizing technology specialist, Makip has launched Unisize for Kids, an innovative solution designed specifically for children aged one to 15. This new feature is expected to transform the online shopping experience for parents and guardians. Unisize for Kids ensures hassle-free and accurate clothing selections for their growing children.

In June 2023, there was a 7.2% increase in clothing prices across the UK. This surge presents a significant challenge for parents, who are constantly tasked with providing growing children with new clothes as they outgrow them rapidly. As a result, households are facing increased financial strain as they struggle to keep up with the rising costs associated with their children’s expanding wardrobe requirements.

Unisize for Kids was developed in conjunction with kids’ apparel companies and leverages sizing technology. The solution uses statistical growth curves to comprehend various body shapes and types unique to children. By harnessing this advanced algorithm, it supports parents to make informed decisions when selecting clothing and school uniforms. Unisize for Kids ultimately saves valuable time and resources for both consumers and retailers alike.

(credit image/LinkedIn/Shingo Tsukamoto)
Shingo Tsukamoto, CEO at Makip

Shingo Tsukamoto, President of sizing technology specialist Makip explained, “At Makip, we understand the challenges parents face when it comes to purchasing children’s clothing online. With Unisize for Kids, we aim to alleviate these concerns by providing a tailored solution that considers the child’s growth trajectory over the next 1-2 years. This innovative feature ensures parents can confidently select the perfect fit for children, eliminating the guesswork associated with online shopping.”

Helping digital shoppers ‘try on’ clothing

Makip is already an established and successful brand in Japan. Unisize helps digital shoppers to ‘try on’ clothing online and purchase the most suitable and accurately sized clothing item, first-time.

Makip supports over 300 online retail/eCommerce sites and popular fashion brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Lacoste, with its unique technology, Unisize. Makip is expanding its services to the UK after the successful launch of Unisize last year.

Makip’s sizing technology aims to alleviate these concerns by providing accurate and efficient sizing recommendations. The company says parents can confidently shop for school uniforms making informed decisions based on precise sizing recommendations right from the start.

Makip says the integration of Unisize for Kids can be achieved in as little as one month. The solution can deliver remarkable results – a 20% reduction in clothing return rates and 2.5 times increase in purchase rates.

With Unisize for Kids, we’re not just changing the way parents shop for their children. We are empowering them with the confidence to make informed decisions. This ensures a stress-free shopping experience for the entire family,” concluded Tsukamoto.

Enterprise Times: What this means for businesses

One of the major challenges in UK retail eCommerce is the returns crisis. Size guides vary widely in size depending on the brand, manufacturing country of origin and size metrics. Customers often order several different sizes of the same item, because they assume that retailers won’t be able to provide the right fit for them. As a result, UK retailers spend millions of pounds in returns and refunds, and customers are left to explore other options.

The challenge of returns impacts all aspects of the retail landscape. From customer service to the call centre to the sales associate dealing with return enquiries at the shop front. In addition to the distribution centre that facilitates returns, logistics and operations. From engagement rates to brand sentiment, to overall profit: and the challenge of product returns is only getting worse. As a result, any new technology which reduces the return rate must be welcomed by retailers and brands.

Makip’s Unisize technology appears to be a gamechanger. The solution works out the body measurement for each child, no matter what their body type or shape. The application leverages innovative technology to provide precise sizing recommendations, enabling parents to make informed decisions. At the same time saving valuable time and resources. Makip recently launched in the UK in April 2023. It will be interesting to review how UK brands and retailers embrace the technology over the next few years.


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