Precisely is now Powered by SnowflakePrecisely has announced that it has deepened its relationship with Snowflake and joined the Powered by Snowflake program. It means that joint customers can leverage the Precisely Data Integrity Suite without having to move their data from the Snowflake cloud environment.

The announcement sees Precisely enhance the Snowflake partnership, which began in 2019 when as Syncsort, it announced a data integration with Snowflake for mainframe Db2 and VSAM data. In 2020, as Precisely, it announced the availability of its datasets on the Snowflake Data Marketplace. It now has at least thirty datasets available on the Snowflake Data Marketplace, including:

Last year, Precisely achieved Snowflake Ready Technology status for the Precisely Connect data integration solution.

Eric Yau, COO at Precisely (Image Credit: Eric Yau)
Eric Yau, COO at Precisely

Eric Yau, Chief Operating Officer at Precisely, commented, “It’s undeniable that data integrity challenges persist as an obstacle in the cloud. Often, during the cloud migration process, organisations move the same messy data they’ve traditionally stored on-premises into their cloud data environment. With the Data Integrity Suite, organisations can run data integrity processes natively in Snowflake and at scale. It essentially eliminates the need to move data stored in Snowflake into other environments.”

Customers can run the Precisely Data Integrity Suite from within the Snowflake cloud platform. It means that it brings the compute closer to the data, ensuring that the outcomes are delivered more efficiently. Precisely called out five benefits that Powered by Snowflake can deliver to joint customers:

  • Data replication to the Snowflake Data Cloud
  • Cataloguing data for better visibility into business and technical metadata
  • Profiling data quality and receiving proactive suggestions for quality rules
  • Verifying addresses and geocoding locations
  • Enriching business data with curated datasets

Powered by Snowflake

The Powered by Snowflake program ensures that vendors run their applications within the Snowflake cloud environment. These become connected applications which separate SaaS code from SaaS data. It enables customers to retain control of their data whilst Precisely is able to manage and update the SaaS code.

Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake, commented, “Building on Snowflake allows companies to operate and grow powerful products on the Snowflake Data Cloud. We look forward to supporting Precisely in ensuring customers can easily access foundations of complete and trusted data to help drive industry innovation.”

There are other benefits for Precisely in joining this program. It will unlock access to technical experts, go-to-market benefits, and partner support. Snowflake teams will work with Precisely to optimise performance and resolve issues faster. Precisely will no doubt shortly have a listing on the powered by Snowflake Application Directory, though as of writing, the Precisely Data Integrity Suite was not yet listed.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is another alliance that Precisely has enhanced in recent months to bring its Integrity Suite closer to the customer. Earlier this month, Precisely announced that the Precisely Data Integrity Suite is Amazon Redshift ready. That allows customers to replicate data from on-premises systems to AWS in near real-time.

Powered by Snowflake will allow customers to leverage the different services provided by Precisely to catalogue, improve the quality of and enrich their data, without having to move it from its current environment.

Precisely is not only improving the different elements of the Data Integrity Suite with a focus on enhancing the relationships with partners such as Snowflake and Amazon. In doing so, it is making the decision easier for customers looking to improve the integrity of their data. Something that is increasing in importance as they look to deploy the latest developments in analytics and AI, such as generative AI.

The Data Integrity Suite provides straightforward access to other data sources, including AWS S3, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM and Firebolt. This announcement takes integration a step further. Does it also mean that Precisely will look to put the Data Integrity Suite within other cloud environments?

Customers flock to Precisely as importance of data quality rises



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