Removing Field Codes in a Word Document - Image by Sabine Kroschel from PixabayIn a previous tip I explained about the use of field codes in a Word document. How to input them and how to reveal them as well as how to lock them. Here I would like to explain about how to remove them when necessary.

Here is an example of text where field codes reside. Can you spot them? example text with codes

There are three.

Here I have highlighted the text to show you where two of the three reside.

codes highlighted

The third is a code that, at the moment is not “in use”. It is a fill-in code which means that it is waiting for the user of this document to activate it and answer the question it poses. But where is it?

How to find the next code

One way to find the next-in-line fill-in code is to start at the very beginning of your document and press the [F11 key]. But in this case, the cursor moves to where the code resides but does not reveal it or ask the question. We need to find it in another way. As I said in my last tip, use the [Alt+F9 keys] to reveal codes. codes revealed

Move to the code using ALT+F11 then press F9 and you are presented with this window. fill-in dialog box

Type in your response.

If you need to remove the code then select it and press delete key.

To remove codes in a document

  • To remove all the codes that reside in the document, move your cursor to the very beginning of the text.
  • Select [Replace tool] from the [editing section] on the [Home tab]. Replace tool

This dialog box appears.

Find and Replace dialog box

In the Find what line type the following [^d]

Leave the replace with line empty.

  • Select the [Replace All button] ONLY if you really want all the codes removed from your document. Otherwise, use [Find Next button] and [Replace buttons] according to your wishes.

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