How to replace curly apostrophises in Excel with straight ones - Image by Maik Hubrich from Pixabay You probably know how to check for, and replace wrong words used in a text in Word, but were you aware that there is the same feature in Excel? You probably do and use it only to find particular numbers or a formula. There is so much more that you can find and replace in Excel to make your work easier and quicker. The find and replace feature can change a curly apostrophe to a straight one for you. This comes in very useful if for instance, you create csv files for posting lots of social media content. This tip is going to show you how to do that.

How to change those apostrophes

Here is an example of text in excel with a curly apostrophe.


  • Double-click into the cell where this text is.
  • Select the apostrophe.
  • Copy the apostrophe.
  • Locate the find a replace feature in the Home tab, in the editing section.

This list appears.

Find list

  • Select the second item [Replace…]

This dialog box appears. Replace dialog

  • In the first line [Find what:] paste a copy of a curly apostrophe from your text.
  • In the line below [Replace with:] type a straight apostrophe.

As we are replacing in this exercise you have the choice of two buttons at the bottom of this dialog box. One that says [Replace All] and the other that says [Replace]. Only use the [Replace All] if you are absolutely sure that there is not even one instance where you might like to keep the curly apostrophe in the entire sheet. Yes, it takes a little longer to replace each one at a time when Excel reveals it to you but it is worth the extra effort that might even show up something entirely different that you have overlooked before, for example a wrong formula.

Don’t forget to investigate the other items found in this dialog box by selecting the [Options>>] button.


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  1. Thank you so much. I always had to change it and frankly, it was annoying. Thank you for the instructions.


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