Healthcare equipment Image by Stefan Schweihofer from PixabayNavenio is a fast-growing UK startup that may just be breaking the curse of UK companies that fail to scale up their business. The location positioning services company has just announced that it has joined the AWS partner network. The news is timely with AWS re: Invent due to start at the end of this month.

Launched into the US healthcare market at HLTH 2023 in early October, the company has already proven its products across several healthcare establishments in the UK, including Epsom St Helier and East Kent.

It delivers an easy-to-deploy, accurate, scalable and robust indoor location-based solution that works where GPS doesn’t. The solution provides odometry for people, trolleys and vehicles. This enables healthcare organisations to understand exactly where their assets are located at any time. It also provides accurate multi-floor location services. Providing the location of an individual or asset quickly. No matter what floor they are on or even if they are travelling between floors. Mixing GPS and Wi-Fi also enables the platform to identify where people or assets are anywhere on campus. Whether within a building or moving between them.

Connie Moser, Chief Executive Officer of Navenio
Connie Moser, Chief Executive Officer of Navenio

Connie Moser, Chief Executive Officer of Navenio, commented, “As we expand globally with an exciting new technology with the power to transform the work experience of clinical staff in a hospital environment, we are honoured to be included in the AWS Partner Program. The AWS Partner Network offers valuable strategic and practical resources necessary to support a cloud-based software offering.”

Boosted by a $6.3 million investment from a Series A round led by Oxford Science Enterprises, a university-partnered venture firm in September 2023. It will hope this tighter partnership with AWS will open new doors.

Why the AWS partner network matters to Navenio

The global AWS Partner Network is for technology and consulting businesses that leverage AWS to build solutions and services for customers. Members have built their solutions using a mix of capabilities from the AWS ecosystem. They have proven their ability to do so. With over 200 cloud-based services to leverage, the growing number of partners gain several benefits from joining this relatively exclusive club.

AWS partners enjoy access to training, certification, co-marketing opportunities. With potential financial benefits, depending on how their product scales. Importantly, membership will enable Navenio to scale its offering cost-effectively as it grows its customer base and geographical spread. The AWS Global Infrastructure has 32 launched Regions and 102 availability Zones. It plans to add another 15 availability zones and 5 more AWS Regions in Canada, Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Thailand soon.

AWS already offers several health services, including AWS HealthScribe, AWS HealthLake, AWS Health Imaging, AWS HealthOmics and several specific solutions. The Navenio offers supplements.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Navenio hopes that this relationship will enable it to expand rapidly in the US. Solving a requirement that healthcare organisations need. Its solution is innovative and potentially offers a cost-effective solution to a private 5G network, where organisations need to install additional equipment. The Navenio solution takes advantage of existing infrastructure as much as possible.

What isn’t clear is what presence Navenio will have at AWS re: Invent to take further advantage of this announcement.


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