Teradata and Nordcloud are to work together to help customers migrate on-premises data and analytic environments to the Teradata VantageCloud Analytics and Data platform. Nordcloud is a preferred cloud integrator for VantageCloud. It will help customers deploy onto AWS, Azure and GCP.

Richard Petley, EVP, Go-to-Market, International at Teradata (Image Credit: LinkedIn)
Richard Petley, EVP, Go-to-Market, International at Teradata

Richard Petley, EVP, Go-to-Market, International at Teradata, said “Our customers are some of the most high-profile brands in the world, representing virtually every industry. They have complex data environments that require robust advanced analytics and AI/ML capabilities to deliver the insights they need to make critical business decisions.

“As more of these companies move some or all of their data to the cloud, they want to have the flexibility and choice to do that in a multi-cloud or hybrid environment. Our partnership with Nordcloud helps to ensure that our European customers will be able to quickly and efficiently implement their cloud analytics strategies across one or multiple CSPs, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal performance.”

What is Teradata VantageCloud?

Teradata calls VantageCloudthe complete cloud analytics and data platform“. It provides users with a set of analytics and data management tools. Among the tools provided are:

ClearScape Analytics is the analytics engine inside VantageCloud. In addition to analytic functions for databases, it also delivers advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities. It can also be accessed from a range of analytics tools, allowing data scientists to stay with their languages and tools of choice while taking advantage of ClearScape.

The data fabric inside VantageCloud comes with a range of additional capabilities beyond just connecting multiple data sources. Using Teradata QueryGrid, data scientists can either bring all data together into a single data source or leave data where it currently is. The latter removes the need for complex transformation of data and reduces the need for constant cleaning of data.

Deploy where you want

Teradata has also chosen to make it possible to deploy VantageCloud where customers want it. That means on-premises, on a public cloud platform such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud or as a hybrid cloud.

It is to speed up deployment to both cloud and hybrid cloud, that has led to Teradata making this announcement with Nordcloud. As part of IBM, Nordcloud has built out a large enterprise customer base. It also has certified engineering teams for all of the public cloud platforms and has experience of doing complex deployments.

Where this will interest an increasing number of potential Teradata customers is in hybrid cloud deployment. It is now commonplace for enterprises to have a footprint on multiple public clouds. For many IT teams, this creates a challenge when deploying a new data fabric. Nordcloud should make those types of deployments simpler. It will help customers configure their data fabric to support all the locations where they expect to access data.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

Enterprises hold a vast amount of data, yet few would admit that they really get maximum value from that data. There are a multitude of reasons for that, complexity, data mismatch, tooling issues and skills. What this announcement is offering is a platform, Teradata VantageCloud, and a systems integrator, Nordcloud, that can address these challenges.

That Teradata has made Nordcloud a preferred integrator for VantageCloud will raise questions among its existing integrator and partner channel. Those with significant investment into Teradata over many years will wonder what this will mean for their relationship.


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