Optimizely (credit image/Pixabay/Samdraft)Optimizely has announced a new integration with Google Cloud’s large language models (LLMs) via Vertex AI to build and launch new generative AI features. With this integration, Optimizely’s customers and product engineering teams gain direct access to Google Cloud’s foundational models. The solution dramatically increases the pace of innovation in a rapidly emergent field.

The use of Google’s PaLM 2 models from Vertex AI into Optimizely’s internal model will support rapid prototyping and development of generative AI features. These features span across the entire portfolio of Optimizely’s content, commerce, and experimentation products. Coupled with Feature Experimentation, Optimizely engineers can strike the perfect balance between cost, quality, and response time across Google Cloud’s growing family of models. The models are rooted in a 20-year legacy and commitment to responsibility, security and compliance. Optimizely customers can expect upcoming features powered by Google Vertex AI to be more fine-tuned for the intended use cases.

(credit image/LinkedIn/Aniel Sud)
Aniel Sud, CTO at Optimizely

According to Aniel Sud, CTO at Optimizely, “AI is being adopted at an unprecedented rate. Google’s LLMs and Vertex AI ensure that we can innovate and implement the functionalities that our customers need to scale. Furthermore, enable us to deliver the best digital experiences.”

With these models, we can quickly and consistently add new AI features that will greatly enhance our product suite. We are excited to highlight some of these new features and look forward to continually strengthening our partnership with Google.

Exploring high value use case

Optimizely is exploring high-value use cases to bring generative AI to marketing and digital teams. The company says it will transform their customers’ digital experiences. These use cases include:

  • Knowledge bot trained specifically on Optimizely’s technical documentation. Customers can utilise a chat interface to get instant answers to questions during implementation and use.
  • Variation generator for brainstorming, allowing Optimizely customers to utilise AI to generate new ideas when designing a test

This innovative partnership builds upon the success of leveraging Google Cloud for Optimizely Web Experimentation and Feature Experimentation. Both products are available on Google Cloud Marketplace.

Users of Optimizely’s digital experience platform will benefit from new capabilities, powered by Google Cloud’s Vertex AI,” said Rodrigo Rocha, Head of Global AI & ISV App Partnerships at Google Cloud. “By building with Vertex AI and expanding access to Google Cloud’s powerful models, Optimizely will enable its customers to build new online experiences and products that add real value with generative AI.”

In 2022, Optimizely achieved over $1B in incremental revenue for its customers. This partnership with Google Cloud and innovation with Vertex AI will continue to allow businesses to make data-driven decisions.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

All the industry research indicates that businesses are looking to scale their digital experiences. They are looking to digital channels to initiate, cultivate and maintain relationships with customers, suppliers and key partners. As a result, all software providers must utilise more effective and efficient approaches to develop new solutions. Hence the Optimizely decision to leverage Google’s LLMs and Vertex AI to help customers make better data-driven decisions. The ability to access data is essential for enterprises to enhance their digital experiences.



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