PriceSpider (credit image/Pixabay/Preis_King)PriceSpider has announced the next generation of its shoppable services solutions that further empower brands in their and advertising strategies. PriceSpider suggests brands can own the customer journey, and integrate shoppable media across social media channels. As a result, turning every digital touchpoint into shoppable experiences, while allowing for the optimisation of campaigns in near real-time.

The solution enables brands to quickly build and launch fully customised and shoppable campaigns through a self-service portal. These campaigns allow customers to purchase products directly from their retailer of choice without leaving the digital touchpoint of discovery. Brands can optimise advertising spend in near real-time based on campaign performance and leverage campaign insights for retargeting efforts. PriceSpider provides end-to-end reporting on the complete buyer journey. From first impressions to sale and information about customers’ purchase intent, all within the portal.

Key solution features

Brands using PriceSpider’s market-leading shoppable offering can:

  • Simplify the buying experience by streamlining the journey from ad to shopping cart. This enables shoppers to make purchases effortlessly across channels and devices within three clicks or fewer.
  • Expand customer reach by creating shoppable moments wherever potential customers are, ensuring every opportunity translates into a shopping experience.
  • Grow sales and customer loyalty by establishing a seamless, fully-branded path to purchase that drives both sales growth and enduring customer loyalty.
  • Control Advertising Spend by monitoring customer interactions throughout a campaign. This allows for near real-time adjustments, optimisations and effective control over advertising expenditure.

The company’s suite of products also includes Where to Buy, its enablement solution. Additionally, Brand Monitor, its digital shelf analytics and price monitoring solution. Together, these solutions form a unified brand commerce platform that allows brands to consolidate their vendor list. PriceSpider says they can take control of the entire customer journey.

The modern-day shopping experience

(credit image/LinkedIn/Anthony Ferry)
Anthony Ferry, CEO of PriceSpider.

“The modern-day shopper is constantly in discovery mode. Researching and buying products directly from ads, influencers, emails, brand websites and social platforms,” said Anthony Ferry, CEO of PriceSpider. “As social commerce continues to erupt, brands require a solution that limits the steps from ad discovery to shopping cart. Our shoppable solution creates a clear, direct path to purchase, driving conversions for our brand partners. Our clients are excited about the better together opportunity as it incorporates, shoppability and digital shelf strategies all within one cohesive platform.”

Over the past year, PriceSpider has implemented significant platform updates to further service its customers, including Insights360. The solution enables brands to use, inform and optimise commerce strategies based on their unique business goals. Where to Buy Bundle allows brands to offer product bundles to customers.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

PriceSpider’s marcomms solutions sounds interesting and supports the company’s position in the market as a comprehensive and holistic solution. The company says it is the only solution with both commerce enablement and digital shelf analytics functionality. It allows shoppers to purchase at any point of product discovery. Furthermore, it equips brands with more self-service capabilities and full-funnel campaign analytics.

Looking ahead, PriceSpider says it will continue prioritising ways that will give power back to the brands to own the customer journey. The company plans to add more self-service functionalities across its platform over the remainder of this year.


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