Mapping the Full Customer Journey - 3 Reasons Why Voice Matters - Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Too many organisations underestimate the power of voice. Yet it continues to be the building block of an effective omnichannel customer engagement strategy. Kris McKenzie at Calabrio suggests the secret to success lies in blending voice, and its unfiltered insights, with your CRM to build better customer journeys.

In Calabrio’s recent blog “Harnessing CCaaS and CRM solutions: what’s the missing link?”, we discovered how data is the beating heart of a synchronised agent and user experience. Data is empowering frontline staff to deliver better customer experiences. We then explored the importance of capturing all kinds of information from inside and outside the contact centre. That data is then used to create a “single pane of glass” where complete customer journeys are reflected, from the channels used to previous purchases and past conversations.

Voice is the common denominator

To achieve a single view of customer journeys in the new era of Customer Experience Intelligence (CXI), requires a successful digital transformation that embraces the latest ‘must-haves’ such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, organisations should not forget the role of voice calls to complete CXI data and truly understand customer touchpoints. The first step is to integrate voice with customer-centric platforms such as customer relationship management (CRM).

3 reasons why voice matters for holistic customer journey mapping

The magic trinity of integrated players for customer experience

Modern cloud contact centres have mixed infrastructures, including Contact Centre-as-a-Service (CCaaS) technology and typically a CRM product. However, both lack the capabilities necessary to fully map customer journeys.

Combined CCaaS and CRM are not able to deliver an omnichannel customer service solution to entirely understand the customer at every touchpoint. This is especially true at an enterprise-level scale or complexity. However, there is a link missing to harness the full customer journey.

The perfect combination for customer experience (CX) comes in the form of a cloud-based contact centre (CCaaS) and customer relationship management (CRM) with integrated workforce engagement management (WEM) tools and analytics, connecting the two. Solutions like Calabrio ONE fit neatly between CCaaS and CRM solutions for workforce planning, workforce engagement and customer journey analytics, including all important voice calls.

Give digital touchpoints the right and real context

There is a myriad of solutions that claim to capture complete customer journeys. In reality, the majority centre around the digital aspects of customer journeys, whether on a website, chat, social media or via an app. For most, the missing link is voice.

Take the example of a customer who wants to order a gift for their mother’s birthday. They add the chosen item to their online basket, then realise they need more details about sizing or next-day delivery so they use their mobile device to call the contact centre before checking out. The problem with the majority of solutions is they are likely to portray a linear digital customer journey. The vital voice connection when the customer called the contact centre because they could not find the information online is missed.

Integrating voice with your CRM system makes it possible to connect every aspect of a customer’s journey with the brand. It will provide a complete view of all customer touchpoints, whatever the channel.

Aim high, be a Connected Enterprise

Building and mapping better customer journeys by tightly integrating voice with CRM benefits not just customer service teams but an entire organisation. Many businesses spend valuable time and resources searching for answers that are right in front of them. The contact centre is at the heart of building the customer experience and understanding it. Connected enterprises need to look at how they can put the contact centre, and thus the unfiltered voice of the customer (VoC), as their central hub of intelligence about variables and processes related to CX.

The point of nirvana comes with truly dynamic, near-real-time AI-based Business Intelligence systems. These can improve all functions, including enabling marketing to understand campaign success and finance to understand billing issues based on what all customers and agents are saying, as well as what they’re doing.

Modern enterprises can use out-of-the-box, function-specific dashboards. Calabrio Enterprise CXI provides these and is designed to amplify speech analytics data captured in the contact centre to provide actionable insights. Once actioned these insights can keep the entire organisation one step ahead.


While the bid to be omnichannel may leave many focused on the digital footprint of customers, it’s time to elevate voice to the place it deserves. Voice calls remain at the front-end of contact centre processes and the centre of CX. For more ideas and inspiration on how to build better customer journeys or to learn about Connected Enterprises, visit

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