Creative marketing Image by Foundry Co from PixabayWrike has announced Wrike for Marketers Performance. It extends the Wrike Work Management platform for marketing teams, delivering an end to end solution for marketers. It delivers two new products, Wrike Analyse and Wrike Integration to bring metrics from campaigns back into a single location with performance dashboards.

Users can manage their project resources and budgets using Wrike Work Management. The system enables users to carry out their day to day work within a single solution. For example, Wrike Proof enables team members and external stakeholders to review documents, images and videos for each campaign. Once approved, it is possible to publish the content using Wrike Publish to the organisations Digital Asset Management solution.

As projects complete, Wrike Analyse provides leadership with easily consumed visualisations of project progress. When combined with Wrike Integration, key campaign performance metrics are drawn in to see the performance of campaigns against each project. This ability to review the actual project performance is accomplished through integrations with solutions such as Marketo, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Salesforce. It delivers an end-to-end performance that is lacking in many other solutions. Overall Wrike Integrate has more than 400 integrations. It enables users to leverage data from and push information to a wide range of applications.

Kim Cameron, Associate Director, Account Management for IHS Markit Creative Services commented:  “By tying how our teams are executing on plan with the performance of their campaigns, we can ensure our marketing effort has the biggest impact possible. Connecting Wrike with CRM, we can fine tune our strategy for the highest ROI.”

Making life easier for Marketing

Wrike for Marketers Performance also includes tools that enable organisations to get value out of the solution rapidly. It comes with several templates that assist teams with common work processes. These templates include:

  • Marketing operations
  • Creative Production
  • Go-To-Market
  • Event Management

The system also supports teams using an Agile approach, including Sprint analysis reports, saving time for project managers. The systems also lessens the administrative burden. It completes many of the manual tasks that project managers usually need to update a spreadsheet for.

Cameron said: “With Wrike for Marketing Performance, we have the platform we need to quickly adjust priorities and be more responsive to our stakeholders. The sprint monitoring dashboards make it easy to see what we should be focusing on and our progress through sprints at any moment, and we can adjust instantaneously to changing timelines and shifting priorities.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Wrike is positioning itself as the work management platform for marketers. It delivers more than task management and automation for teams. Wrike is now a full work platform that most users will never need to leave. It draws together all the different applications that marketers use into a single hybrid platform. It ensures that marketing teams can continue to access their preferred solution, although the majority of users never need to leave a single platform. This has several benefits, such as simplifying the onboarding process. New users only need to understand Wrike processes rather than learning how to use multiple applications.

Alexey Korotich, VP of Product at Wrike
Alexey Korotich, VP of Product at Wrike

Alexey Korotich, VP of Product at Wrike, noted: “Business leaders understand the pressures of staying competitive, especially in challenging market conditions. Wrike for Marketers Performance delivers the deeper analytics and automation that businesses require to help power their high-velocity, high-agility, results-driven marketing organizations.”


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