Sage Intacct Advantage 2019 (c) Sage IntacctWhen Sage Intacct announced an integration with Sage People, Enterprise Times spoke with Kathy Lord, SVP, Sage People and Paul Burrin, VP Product and Marketing – Sage People. Lord previously worked within Sage Intacct and knows the ERP vendor well.

Sage had also just released Sage People Winter 20 People and ET asked Burrin why they changed their naming convention from ships names to a season and year. He revealed that doing so might be the best way for all companies despite the whimsical and fun names that startups may want to use. Workday recently changed their naming convention for probably a similar reason.

Paul Burrin, VP Product and Marketing – Sage People.
Paul Burrin, VP Product and Marketing – Sage People.

He also talks about Conversations aimed at supporting businesses as they change to continuous performance management. Burrin argues that this is merely a step on the evolution of performance management. He believes that companies should target delivering sustainable performance management. He also explains the new telemetry functionality and how it will add value to customer.

At Intacct Advantage the company announced the integration between Sage People and Sage Intacct. With an audience of Finance leaders not much was said about the benefits to HR. Kathy Lord explains these. She replied: “This will save a significant amount of time for the HR team.” It will also help them to make better decisions about attracting and retaining employees. The integration also assist compensation reviews and allowing HR leaders to understand the impact of any changes in a holistic manner.

Gender Diversity in business

Kathy Lord, SVP, Sage People.
Kathy Lord, SVP, Sage People.

Lord also discussed gender diversity. Notably on how women need to take advantage of and build networking groups for the future. Technology is key to delivering this, but it is very much a work not quite in progress.

She talks about how Sage is building a diverse leadership team in the future. She commented: “It is inherent up on us to help lift up another person whether that is a woman or male in order to help grow that next leader pool and make sure it is diverse.”

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