KeyedInKeyedIn has launched a new version of its Cloud-based Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution which features what it calls Integrated Portfolio Resourcing. This ensures that those projects most critical to a company obtain the necessary resources for success.

Our new Integrated Portfolio Resourcing supports Agile Portfolio Management by allowing a customer to resource the right projects with the right people and skills much more quickly than before, and ensure that those resource plans are enforced at the execution level,” said Matthew Muldoon, Chief Product Officer, KeyedIn.  “Our new version of KeyedIn Projects uniquely combines both approaches into one single and powerful toolset to create a complete Resourcing lifecycle management tool that it will make resourcing easier and more efficient than ever before.

Matthew Muldoon
Matthew Muldoon

Portfolio Project Management (PPM)

PPM is about:

  • increasing the chances of success
  • reducing and managing risk
  • keeping costs under close control.

To succeed project portfolio management must simultaneously:

  • work across all projects (the ‘project portfolio’)
  • embrace entire project lifecycle of all projects.
  • enable the selection and prioritising of projects across an enterprise
  • be accessible to all involved (including customers/clients as well authorised partners and providers).

In combination these which should:

  • produce enhanced reporting
  • increased responsiveness
  • deliver an understanding of the (potential) consequences of every change in project scope.

KeyedIn and PPM

Effective resourcing and capacity planning is central to all organisations’ efforts to adopt Agile Portfolio Management. It is this which enables organisations to adapt fast to changing requirements or market conditions and, thereby, deliver strategic projects.  KeyedIn Projects enables project management offices (PMOs) and professional services teams to:

  • increase productivity
  • cut reporting costs
  • save on operating expenses.

KeyedIn Projects’ new Integrated Portfolio Resourcing combines:

  • top-down capacity planning
  • bottom-up resource scheduling.

As part of a single, interactive process, this means that project portfolio managers are able to:

  • allocate resources at a strategic level
  • then make sure that all respects those allocations are enforced
  • create project plans
  • include project plans in ‘Resource Requests’ and forecasts (without further input)
  • provide a complete view of all resources.

Extensions to the KeyedIn Portal

In addition, KeyedIn announced new capabilities for its KeyedIn Portal. The latter enables internal users to extend secure project access to external users such as customers, contractors or partners.  The KeyedIn Portal now provides a secure way to involve customers and stakeholders in project plans and portfolio decisions without requiring communication outside of KeyedIn (e.g. sending PDF reports).

Muldoon added that, “This latest release is an important addition to our Agile Portfolio Management strategy that applies principles of Agile to the portfolio level, so a company’s investments and project roadmaps are able to adapt quickly to changing requirements.”

Enterprise Times: what does this mean

KeyedIn Project V6.5 is already available to customers with an active KeyedIn Projects subscription license. Such prompt availability can only be good news and is so much superior to obliging customers to have to wait.

To Enterprise Times, PPM is a logical extension of individual project management. The reality in many enterprises is that projects run in isolation, or at best semi-isolation, with too much ‘integration of the implications, happening manually or by ‘word of office mouth’. Rarely is this effective. Thus KeyedIn’s, already available, PPM improvements should make a difference.


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