Simpro has announced its latest release, 19.1.2. It includes improvements to its labour productivity report and a new search function to facilitate more efficient stock takes. The release will be available from Monday 20th January. It is the second release of the year following on from 19.1.1

The updated Labour Productivity Reports included additional filters and better visibility of underlying calculations. For users taking stock takes, the new search feature enables a free text search across description. It allows users to quickly filter by category such as “switch” or “connector” to reduce the need to scroll down several pages. It is still necessary to click the search button, simPRO might have done an automatic filtering as characters were entered. While this puts more load on the systems it would have been even more efficient.

There are a few minor improvements such as an improvement to the All job pages which now shows page numbers for all stages in addition to the pending stage. Several bugs are also fixed in this release including and issues with Mobile Job Statuses, allocating stock to jobs from storage devices and some display issues with special characters.

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simPRO continues to release updates on a regular cadence. While this release has no new features it contains a number of improvements that customers should welcome. The full release notes are found here.


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