email Data Feed : Image credit PIxabay.ribkhan (modified by S BrookssimPRO has announced the first update for its software in 2019. Release 19.1.1 will be available from January 6th. It contains several feature improvement and is also the first release since it launched a new GMAIL integration extension.

The new Gmail integration allows customers to connect Gmail to simPRO Enterprise and simPRO service. It allows users to simply add emails as notes to customers, leads, quotes and jobs. Importantly users do not need to switch screens between Gmail and simPRO to do so. The latest update, version 0.3 was available on 11 December and to date 13 users have downloaded the software.

Bug fix release

Most of this update appears to be bug fixes rather actual feature enhancements. The full list of improvements can be found here. However highlights include:

  • simPRO has resolved the integration issue that saw supplier invoices doubling up in Xero when transferred.
  • Resolution to the API that enabled the deletion of modification of ActivityScheduleBlock when companies worked in different timezones is resolved. Important in both Australia and US.
  • The user interface that made overview text for schedules in the week view difficult to read has now been fixed, the text is now more readable.

There is one update that fixes a problem also seems to remove some functionality from the product. simPro has resolved the problem that saw the import of notes in html format stop tabs in jobs displaying correctly. However, to do so they have stopped users importing notes in html format. This seems a retrograde step and some users would have found that the ability to do useful. There is no mention of whether support for html format is included at a later date.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is not as significant an update as 18.4.5 that saw an update for the new Report Builder. Nor does it have the significance of the telephony integration that simPRO added in November. The Gmail integration will be welcomed and it is surprising that so few have downloaded the app to date.

In 2018 it added 24 updates and also introduced simPRO Mobile 2.0 and EForms 4.0. Will it keep up the same, bi-weekly cadence of updates in 2019 and what will the significant changes be?

simPRO adds telephony integration


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