NIBs (credit image/pexels/Nam Quân Nguyễn)Retail and eCommerce highlights this week include: Spryker and Mangopay unite to craft the future of online platforms. Their combined prowess promises seamless integration, from onboarding to payment processing. The alliance is set to elevate the marketplace experience.

BoxHero, an easy-to-use inventory management platform for small to medium-sized businesses, has launched two new solutions to offer greater convenience and integration for customers. The new product enables eCommerce platforms to provide seamless, unified shipping experiences directly within their own offerings. FullStory, a leading digital experience and data platform, announced the appointment of Lindsay Bayuk as Chief Marketing Officer.

Spryker and Mangopay join forces to enable marketplace development

Mangopay, a platform-specific payment infrastructure provider and Spryker, a leading composable commerce platform for sophisticated use cases in B2B Commerce, Enterprise Marketplaces, and Thing Commerce, have announced a strategic alliance. This collaboration is dedicated to empowering businesses in building seamless marketplaces — from seller onboarding to payment processing. It further underscores the commitment of both companies to enhance the platform industries by leveraging their distinctive strengths and capabilities.

Through the ever-changing platform landscape, businesses continue to seek flexible, secure and experienced technology partners to future-proof payment experiences and build customer experience. The partnership, which officially starts in September 2023, is set to redefine the landscape of online marketplaces by offering a holistic solution that addresses key challenges faced by businesses in this space. Both Spryker and Mangopay prioritise innovation and putting their customers first. Together, they aim to provide exceptional value to their clients.

As the marketplace industry continues to grow and is projected to reach 8.7 trillion dollars by 2025, the payment experience remains a key differentiator. Mangopay, in its strategic alignment with Spryker, reaffirms its dedication to pioneering advancements in the fintech industry. The partnership’s key objectives centre around delivering exceptional value to mutual customers, providing them with the tools and capabilities needed to excel in the dynamic online marketplace landscape. By leveraging Spryker’s best-of-breed composable platform and Mangopay’s secure and reliable payment infrastructure, the two companies aim to empower businesses to create efficient, successful, and scalable online marketplaces.

BoxHero launches inventory management API following the release of free online barcode generator.

Growing businesses frequently experience challenges when adopting barcode systems due to the needs of software assessment, installation, and operation. For its customers and anyone else seeking a solution, BoxHero has launched a free online system to effortlessly print 1D and 2D (QR code) labels through a few simple clicks. Just select your paper size, choose a design template, upload an Excel file, and print!

With BoxHero’s barcode generator, there’s no need for any software installation, and users can print from either desktops or mobile devices. Label sheets can be designed for commonly used templates, such as Avery, with options to adjust the font size and alignment for all languages. This new barcode generator is especially useful for sectors like eCommerce, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and 3PL (third-party logistics) service providers.

Concurrently, BoxHero has launched an API (application programming interface) to enable easy integration with external programs and platforms. Responding to the needs of customers, BoxHero has created this pathway for businesses to easily retrieve and utilize inventory data, helping them process transactions and access beneficial insights. For example, this might involve linking BoxHero’s inventory data with Shopify’s order management system and automating inventory updates upon order shipments.

BoxHero will offer POS and eCommerce integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, Square, Clover and others, enabling seamless cross-platform order management synchronized with BoxHero’s inventory management system, benefiting both online and offline businesses. App integration tool Zapier will facilitate this process between BoxHero and such widely used software as Slack, Norton, and Google Workspace.

ShipEngine launches ShipEngine for platforms

ShipEngine has launched ShipEngine for Platforms. The product gives eCommerce platforms the ability to embed superior, pre-integrated shipping components directly into their own solutions. As a result, ecommerce platforms can provide merchants a world-class shipping experience – blended seamlessly into their existing product workflows – without the need for custom software development.

For platforms, building their own shipping functionality is complicated and expensive to implement. Often, this process requires a team of developers, product managers, and designers, as well as a long-term commitment to ongoing maintenance and customer support. In contrast, the merchants using these platforms are actively looking for ways to streamline and enhance their shipping processes to meet online shoppers’ demands for efficient, cost-effective deliveries. By operating without embedded shipping functionality, platforms risk losing customers to external solutions to manage order fulfillment, shipping, and delivery.

ShipEngine for Platforms enables seamless fulfillment and shipping capabilities, plus access to discounted rates, directly within the user experiences merchants are already familiar with. For eCommerce platforms, this means no more customer diversions to external sources for order fulfillment and the ability to fortify their businesses for the future at a fraction of the cost associated with developing an in-house shipping solution.

ShipEngine for Platforms is powered by ShipEngine Elements, ShipEngine’s embeddable web components that enable businesses to add valuable shipping features – such as address validation, rate shopping, shipping service selection, and label printing – directly into their systems, without the need for costly design and engineering work.

FullStory appoints Lindsay Bayuk as Chief Marketing Officer

FullStory, a leading digital experience and data platform, has appointed Lindsay Bayuk as Chief Marketing Officer. Bayuk brings nearly 15 years of marketing and technology experience to the FullStory leadership team. Most recently, she served as CMO at Pluralsight, where she was instrumental in creating their enterprise expansion strategy and category leadership position.

In her new role, Bayuk will oversee all aspects of FullStory’s global marketing with a focus on helping companies use insights from FullStory’s complete customer data to deliver exceptional digital products and experiences.

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