Professional Services Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayLast week, Asana published the State of AI at Work Report. The report looked at how common usages of AI are, the existing barriers to its adoption, and the benefits. Other news came from BestOutcome, Easy Project, Hubstaff, Mission Control, Rocketlane and Scoro.


BestOutcome has revealed how the NHS Golden Jubilee, Scotland’s flagship hospital for elective and specialist care, has leveraged PM3 to better manage its projects. With projects working in silos across different departments, the organisation looked at the market and selected PM3 to consolidate its project management.

Carole Anderson, Deputy Director of Quality, Performance, Planning and Programmes at NHS Golden Jubilee, said, “NHS Golden Jubilee was looking for a project management platform to support delivery of our strategic priorities for healthcare, innovation and training.

“Our priority was to select a system capable of supporting projects and programmes of all scales and complexity. The investment in PM3 is an important component of growing our project management capability and maturity within the organisation.

“PM3 was the best match to our needs and scored above the other products included in our comprehensive tendering exercise.”

This is a good win for BestOutcome, with David Walton, Director of BestOutcome, commenting, “We are delighted to have been chosen by NHS Golden Jubilee. We look forward to working with the team to help them improve their project and programme delivery through PM3”.

Easy Project

Easy Project 13 is out. The latest release includes an updated UI, Scrum Boards, a wiki-based Knowledge Base, and Asset and Configuration management enhancements.

The Scrum boards were developed with and include three initial boards: a product backlog board, a sprint overview board and a team sprint board.

There is also a new visualization tool for Project Kanban, providing transparency and improving team communication.

The new knowledge base enables users to access information about your company in a single location.

The features include:

  • World-class Wiki Technology using open-source MediaWiki technology
  • A powerful visual editor that supports templates
  • Advanced search with filtering capability
  • Change and version management
  • Publishing and workflows for content approvals before posting on the wiki

Asset and configuration management enables the creation of customer databases to track the life-cycle of your hardware assets, maintain the IT configuration information, manage your software licenses, or other asset management tasks.

A new UI design showcases a fresh, clean, and airy aesthetic that aligns with modern design principles. Other UX improvements include better dashboard navigation and easier ways to upload images.


Hubstaff announced some strategic growth equity funding from WestView Capital Partners. Jared Brown, Hubstaff CEO, commented, “To continue our expansion and bring Hubstaff to larger companies across the world, we are seeking out partners that believe in the mission of Hubstaff as much as we do. After 11 years of running our company as a bootstrapped business, we have brought in our first investor. I’m excited to announce that WestView Capital Partners has made a strategic growth investment in Hubstaff.”

Hubstaff believes that the funding will help it accelerate growth. Neither party disclosed the investment amount nor the equity share that Westview will receive. However, WestView Managing Partner Matt Carroll and Principal Kevin Twomey will join the Hubstaff Board of Directors as part of the partnership. With two people joining the board, the investment is likely substantial.

Matt Carroll, Managing Partner at WestView, commented, “Our investment in Hubstaff reflects WestView’s commitment to partnering with software and technology companies led by talented and passionate entrepreneurs. Jared and Dave have built an impressive business and culture, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with them.”

Kevin Twomey, Principal at WestView, added, “There is a significant and growing need within enterprises to understand how their distributed workforces are performing, and Hubstaff is at the forefront of providing these insights to both employers and employees. Importantly, Jared and his team have focused on building a product that enables employers to enhance employee experience.”

Mission Control

Mission Control published a case study of how Sauce Consulting, an Australian Salesforce consulting firm, has leveraged Mission Control to manage its projects. Originally using Jira, the ticket-based system, did not enable them to manage projects effectively.

Sauce is not a new customer but has grown with Mission Control and has seen the company deliver on its promised roadmap. Mission Control has brought the firm a central view of its projects from a health, resource and financial perspective.


Rocketlane has extended its project management solution into “the realm of Professional Services Automations (PSA).” It believes its solution now meets the requirements of a PSA solution with its ability to manage projects, processes, people and finance whilst prioritising client accountability and experience.

The key features include:

  • The ability to track profitability in real time for current and future projects
  • Built-in collaboration using Partner Central, a powerful client portal offering 360-degree visibility, automated project updates, and CSAT surveys to gauge client sentiment at all project stages
  • Automation features across the platform for routine tasks integration with other tools enable employees to focus on doing rather than cataloguing work

Srikrishnan Ganesan, CEO of Rocketlane, said, “We understand the challenges that PS teams face daily, and our new offering aims to bring a fresh perspective. We’re shaking up the status quo, providing a solution that simplifies project management, enhances client collaboration, and boosts profitability. The dynamic landscape of Professional Services needs a dynamic tool like Rocketlane.”


Scoro published details of recent updates. They include a shareable quote view that delivers the ability to share quotes with clients and receive immediate feedback. This eliminates potential email delays.

The platform now supports sign-in with Google. Once enabled, it delivers a single sign-on option for Scoro users using Google and reduces the administration tasks.

There were several work management improvements. Users can link recurring events with tasks. It is also possible to add calendar events from the task view. Projects now allow start and due dates to fall on weekends. Suppose the start date of a retainer project is after its creation. In that case, billing periods will be automatically recalculated. Based on the new start date as long as no periods have yet passed.

In future updates, Scoro is committed to delivering revenue forecasting. Enabling users to seize full control of revenue recognition on a project level. They can also use a revenue report to analyze the forecast and understand if they’re hitting their targets or need to generate more business.

PSA PPM and Work Management news from the week beginning 21st August 2023




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