Adobe (credit image/Pixabay/gonghuimin468)Adobe has released data from the latest Adobe Analytics that has estimated the total UK online spend on the first day of Amazon Prime Day surpassed £581Million. This represents 1.3% growth compared to eCommerce revenue on the first day last year (£573M).

Adobe’s data shows the second day of Amazon Prime Day saw total UK online spend surpass £570M. This represented 3.4% growth compared to eCommerce revenue on the second day last year (£550M). This is the second biggest day for UK online spending to date in 2023.

The first biggest day was day one of the two-day Prime Day event. The data shows how more consumers are taking advantage of the deals they see from retailers participating in this industry-wide event. Some of the highlights of the data include:

Overall Prime Day (July 11 – 12) scorecard for UK eCommerce

  • Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL): Total spend using BNPL on the second day of Prime Day came in at £85.5 million representing a year-over-year growth of 19.6%. This brings the total spend for Prime Day (July 11-12) to £160 million. 12% of online orders used a BNPL service. BNPL spend on day two of Prime Day in 2022 was £71.5 million.
  • Impact of marketing channels: Across marketing channels, affiliates / partners (+14%) saw the biggest increase in revenue lift during day one of Prime Day. Paid search (+5%), social (+2%) and email (+1%) were also contributors.
  • Popular Product Categories seeing an uptick included: outdoor furniture and supplies, luggage, and summer clothing and sandals for the family.
  • Click and Collect slows: This fulfilment method was used in 4% of orders over Prime Day (July 11- 12). This is down from June when it was used in 7% of orders.
(Credit image/LinkedIn/Vivek Pandya)
Vivek Pandya, lead analyst, Digital Insights at Adobe

Vivek Pandya, Adobe Digital Insights Lead Analyst suggested, “Amazon Prime Day event has proven to be the biggest online shopping event for the UK market with a total spend of £1.2 billion online over the two-day sales period, up from £1.1billion last year.

“As consumers made the most of the summer-focused deals on offer, we saw two record-breaking shopping days. Tuesday with £581m spent online, and £570m the next day. With outdoor furniture and supplies, luggage, and summer clothing all seeing upticks in sales.”


Prime Day has become one of the biggest industry-wide events for eCommerce in the UK, as consumers latch onto deals from different retailers. Adobe Analytics was used to analyse tens of billions of visits to retail sites from UK consumers. It looked at 100 million SKUs, and 18 product categories, to provide the most comprehensive view of the UK digital economy.

Adobe Analytics is part of Adobe Experience Cloud, relied upon by retailers to deliver, measure, and personalise shopping experiences online.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

Amazon Prime Day event continues to be a bellweather on the state of UK eCommerce. Prime Day continues to be one of the biggest online shopping days for 2023. Consumers appear to be taking advantage of bigger discounts and extra value. As a result, Adobe’s data indicates a 1.3% growth compared to 2022.

The interesting highlight statement is the £89.5 million pounds of purchases using Buy Now Pay Later. Consumers, wary of the possible economic downturn are spreading the cost of purchase. Adobe expects a 20% year-over-year growth on BNPL spend.


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