NIBs (credit image/Pixabay/1643606Retail and eCommerce highlights this week include: Jigsaw, the renowned British fashion brand has signed Voyado, as its new solution for customer loyalty and marketing automation. markko, launches to offer marketplace founders a new and innovative Saas marketplace solution.

The SPAR Austria group, Hervis and SES Spar European Shopping Centre is upgrading its INTERSPAR Austria online shop. Adobe announced that the premium all-electric automotive brand, smart Europe, has selected Adobe Experience Cloud to deliver improved brand experiences.

Jigsaw selects Voyado to drive personalisation, loyalty and sustainability

Jigsaw, the renowned British fashion brand has signed Voyado, as its new solution for customer loyalty and marketing automation. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Voyado’s growth story as their first UK customer win.

Jigsaw has been a prominent figure in the fashion industry since its establishment in 1970. The company has successfully built a loyal customer base across the UK and beyond. As a brand committed to innovative design, high-quality fabrics, and attention to detail, Jigsaw has pushed the boundaries of fashion.

Recognising the need to enhance its customer experience and implement personalised marketing strategies, Jigsaw has chosen to partner with Voyado. Voyado’s expertise in delivering seamless omnichannel experiences, combined with its loyalty initiatives, aligns perfectly with Jigsaw’s vision.

To provide exceptional experiences to its customers, Jigsaw’s implementation of Voyado will work to address the challenges presented by the ever-evolving retail landscape, where personalisation and loyalty have emerged as crucial differentiators for brands striving to stand out and foster lasting connections with their target audiences.

Beyond its commitment to fashion, Jigsaw is also recognised for its ethical and sustainable practices. The brand actively reduces its environmental impact through various initiatives, including clothing repairs and the introduction of “Jigsaw Rental,” a service that allows customers to rent items at a fraction of the retail price.

Voyado will support Jigsaw’s sustainability initiatives through marketing automation workflows designed to encourage customers to repair and care for their pieces seamlessly, targeting the ever-growing eco-conscious consumer market.

With Voyado’s support, Jigsaw aims to build upon its already strong foundation, driving growth, enhancing customer retention, elevating brand awareness, and simplifying technical complexities. This represents an opportunity to navigate the ongoing challenges in the marketplace while delivering exceptional value to customers.

markko delivers a new flexible solution for marketplace founders

After 2 years in the making, a new marketplace platform, markko, launches to offer marketplace founders a new and innovative Saas marketplace solution. markko provides a platform for marketplace founders that is customisable, scalable and a perfect middle option which hasn’t been available until now.

With more functionality than off-the-shelf marketplace builders, markko remains at a reasonable price point whilst keeping great customisable options that larger marketplace solutions offer. This perfectly bridges the gap between the two different services that are currently on the market.

The founders of markko identified a lack of flexibility as a common issue with the current products on offer to marketplace founders. Many of the existing products on the market were either unscalable, limited and defined by templates, or at the high end of the spectrum with unrealistic price points aimed at big corporate brands.

This led to the creation of markko. markko stands out from similar products on the market as it is the only marketplace platform in the UK that provides an all-in-one solution to its clients. The product can service every marketplace variation, from product and service-based marketplaces to rental and auction platforms meaning its speed-to-market and scalability options are unmatched. markko is a multi-currency marketplace platform, removing the complexity of sourcing integrations with payment gateways.

One of markko’s greatest features is that businesses using the platform will never have to re-platform when using markko due to the flexible option that lets users add additional functionalities. It also offers many integrations with popular platforms such as Shopify, Google Merchant Centre and Mail Chimp. markko has also created its own community to support marketplace owners, meaning those using the platform have access to support and guidance whenever they require it.

SPAR Austria takes first step with composable commerce technology

The SPAR Austria group, Hervis and SES Spar European Shopping Centre is upgrading its INTERSPAR Austria online shop with composable commerce technology to help improve the experience of its customers and boost revenues. The group’s IT unit, SPAR ICS, selected two leading composable commerce technology providers to support its online evolution.

  • Vue Storefront, the pioneering Frontend as a Service that manages the customer-facing presentation laye
  • Contentstack, the leading Composable Digital Experience Platform provider.

SPAR ICS decided to build its new platform using state-of-the-art technologies to gain maximized flexibility and scalability.

Aiming to focus on providing superior user experiences across platforms, and with the growing need to deliver more unique and engaging content, the previous technological setup did not meet its needs.

Addressing the need for greater customisation and individualisation Vue Storefront and Contentstack are members of the MACH Alliance. It is a leading international group of technology companies that advocates for and supports enterprises with the adoption of open and best-of-breed composable technologies as they move away from traditional digital legacy infrastructure.

Composable commerce gives businesses control of their digital commerce, enabling them to select best-of-breed e-commerce software components and construct flexible website architectures that respond to change quickly and seamlessly. With greater agility, enterprises like SPAR can better adapt to the evolving needs of customers, the wider market and their specific business model needs.

smart Europe transforms electric car sales with real-time personalization, powered by Adobe

Adobe announced that the premium all-electric automotive brand smart Europe has selected Adobe Experience Cloud to deliver improved brand experiences across its customer journeys. smart Europe will use Adobe products to power its new eco.platform for the smart #1 crossover SUV. It will offer customers more choice, flexibility, and features for their electric vehicle (EV) purchases while enabling a seamless, connected customer experience across all of the company’s online and offline touchpoints.

eco.platform serves as the central point of contact between smart Europe and its customers. From EV configurations to custom production requests, downstream services and after-sales support, smart Europe has consolidated every part of the journey into a single, connected brand experience.

Adobe Experience Cloud also helps ensure data governance and compliance with data-driven processes to meet regulatory requirements. smart Europe will utilise Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform, Adobe Journey Optimizer, and Adobe Customer Journey Analytics, among other Adobe applications.

Using Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, smart Europe can create and continuously update its customer profiles to fuel personalized omnichannel campaigns. This ability to ingest, combine, analyse, and act on data in real-time has been transformative, allowing smart Europe to meet customers’ needs at every turn – and keep them engaged through every stage of their purchasing journey, right from when they start EV research through configuration, purchasing, and post-purchase support.

Adobe Journey Optimizer allows smart Europe to orchestrate and deliver true one-to-one experiences across its online and offline touchpoints. With a real-time visualization of its omnichannel customer journeys, smart Europe can choose the perfect moment to engage with each customer using the right message delivered, on the right channel.

In parallel, Adobe Customer Analytics delivers the cross-channel insights smart Europe needs to optimize those customer journeys over time. This single source of truth makes every customer-facing team more data-driven, helping them to understand and improve their customer interactions each day.


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