NIBs (credit image/PIxabay/0fjd125gk87)Retail and eCommerce highlights this week include: CMS Max and Fast Simon launches integrated eCommerce solution. CommerceHub Helps FabFitFun expand eCommerce capabilities to deliver well-being services. Enterprises unlocks deeper insights and drive impactful outcomes by combining FullStory’s robust DX insights with Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities. Built with MACH technology principles, Orium’s composable UI accelerates the learning journey for architects, developers, and designers. Infosys provide certification in AI and Generative AI skills, crucial to landing jobs, through Infosys Springboard Virtual Learning Platform. Customers using Marketing GPT can leverage Typeface’s generative AI content platform to create contextual visual assets for multi-channel campaigns.

CMS MAX and Fast Simon launches eCommerce solution

CMS Max, a US-based eCommerce website builder has developed an integration with Fast Simon. This new collaboration allows for seamless site search without coding or integration requirements, along with no need for maintenance. Fast Simon is compatible with all merchants and eCommerce platforms, making it the perfect choice for companies looking to upgrade their online presence.

Fast Simon is the leader in AI-powered shopping optimisation. Its platform integrates shopper, behavioural, and store signals for strategic merchandising and optimised shopping experiences that dramatically increase conversions and average order value (AOV). Fast Simon supports shopping optimisation at thousands of fast-growing merchants and sophisticated brands.

With this powerful platform, customers can quickly find what they’re looking for with visual search results, personal search recommendations, and refined product captures. With better search results and enhanced merchandising capabilities, they are also more likely to purchase products or services from your site.

CMS Max is known for having the fastest website technology, the most SEO-friendly websites ever developed, and the perfect structure to make browsing, ordering, and payment processing as secure and user-friendly as possible. The websites are also ADA compliant.

CommerceHub helps FabFitFun expand eCommerce capabilities to deliver well-being

CommerceHub, a provider software solutions connecting supply, demand and delivery for retailers and brands globally, announced that FabFitFun is implementing the CommerceHub platform to support its eCommerce business.

FabFitFun is a Los Angeles-based eCommerce and media company that offers quarterly subscription boxes and operates a curated eCommerce website for its members. In addition to the FabFitFun Box, their two million-plus members receive access to year-round perks including FabFitFunTV. A streaming video service that offers on-demand wellness content, the FabFitFun online Community, members-only shopping experiences, and more.

The company has leveraged its wildly popular subscription boxes and extended its reach to embrace new channels to meet growing customer demand for its unique offerings. CommerceHub’s eCommerce platform—and its Commerce Suite solution for unified marketplace and drop ship—is migrating FabFitFun’s drop shipping program to help expand its curated product assortment and increase sales and profitability, while ensuring an exceptional customer experience for its members.

CommerceHub is empowering leading businesses like FabFitFun to scale growth and increase profitability by attracting new consumers and boosting customer loyalty with better product selection and convenience while increasing the agility and efficiency of eCommerce fulfilment and delivery. As FabFitFun looks to expand its community globally with unique offers and services, CommerceHub can support these ambitions with a network of over 40,000 partners—from big brands to smaller artisanal businesses—that can increase customer reach through new channels.

FullStory partners with Google Cloud to develop Generative AI to transform digital experience

FullStory, a company that provides digital experience intelligence (DXI) platform has extended its strategic partnership with Google Cloud. The partnership aims to bring groundbreaking generative AI solutions to joint customers around the globe. Through this expanded alliance, FullStory will offer new ways for customers to leverage its patented codeless approach to operational session replay to deliver superior digital experiences and automate AI-delivered experiences at scale.

FullStory is the first and only platform to provide companies with a complete, retroactive, and semantically structured record of every customer interaction and experience across web and native mobile apps. The partnership will allow companies to use their data along with custom machine learning models to proactively identify, anticipate, and act on their customers’ needs in a privacy-first way.

Orium Launches Composable UI to Accelerate the Adoption of Composable Commerce

Orium, a composable commerce specialist, has launched its open-source composable commerce accelerator. Built on the foundations of the accelerators from Orium, this open-source project can be found on and is designed to help brands learn how to build modern composable eCommerce storefronts with best-in-class technologies and best practices.

Consumers are on more digital channels than ever before, which means modern brands now have increasingly complex business needs that can best be addressed by more modular vendor ecosystems. By leveraging APIs and bundling microservices into packaged business capabilities, composable commerce systems allow brands to assemble the solution that best works for them.

Composable UI was built to help brands move towards a modular architecture based on MACH technology principles. It provides a full end-to-end eCommerce experience, accelerating the learning journey for architects, developers, and designers through open-source code, documentation, and a collaborative community of experts.

Composable UI enables integration with headless commerce, content management systems, and other microservices and comes pre-integrated with support for Algolia for search and Stripe for payments. Technical users can easily create dynamic storefronts with an open-source foundational React, Next.js and Figma design system and UI library for modern composable commerce websites.

Brands looking to update commerce platforms, whether by adding headless technologies or re-platforming to composable commerce, can use Composable UI to test the code and see how the experts at Orium approach a build. Orium’s technology partners can contribute to the project to support integrations and make additions to the project.

Infosys Springboard Virtual Learning Platform to provide certification in AI and generative AI

Infosys a provider of next-generation digital services and consulting has launched a free Artificial Intelligence (AI) certification training on Infosys Springboard. Infosys AI-first specialists and data strategists responsible for delivering Infosys TopazTM AI-first set of services, solutions and platforms will help shape the curriculum to help learners build future-ready skillsets.

This certification will offer a variety of courses covering a broad spectrum of topics related to AI. This includes an introductory course on AI and Generative AI, with a focus on deep learning and natural language processing. A masterclass on AI and the impact of Generative AI, focusing on prompt engineering and AI-first software engineering.

Additionally, a customised course on ‘Citizens Data Science’ covering various aspects of data science discipline, including python programming, linear algebra, probability and statistics, and exploratory data analysis. Learners will be awarded a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Infosys Springboard provides a curriculum-rich virtual platform that delivers corporate-grade learning experiences, on any device, with closer educator-learner collaboration for students from Class 6 to lifelong learners. This, alongside formal education, helps accelerate digital reskilling for participating learners, ranging from school and college students to professionals and adults. Since its launch, Infosys Springboard continues to expand its reach to learners by growing its thriving community to more than 5.5 million registered users. Infosys, in line with its ESG Vision 2030, aims to enable digital skills at scale and empower over 10 million people in India through the Infosys Springboard programme.

Typeface and Salesforce partner to bring personalised Generative AI capabilities into Salesforce Marketing GPT

Typeface, a generative AI platform for enterprise content creation, announced a new partnership with Salesforce to integrate their brand-personalized generative AI capabilities with Salesforce Marketing GPT, the first GPT-enabled marketing platform built on the world’s most trusted CRM. Through this partnership, Salesforce and Typeface customers will be able to deliver contextual, customized content powered by generative AI across the entire customer journey.

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, teams grapple with increasing pressure to deliver personalized content quickly on customers’ preferred platforms and channels. According to a recent Salesforce report, 60% of marketers say generative AI will transform their role. With this integration, businesses can look forward to unlocking tailored content across all their audience segments, campaigns, and channels.

Typeface provides dedicated AI models for each customer, which enables them to tailor AI-generated multimodal content for different personas and segments without concerns about data leakage. By integrating Salesforce’s Marketing GPT with Typeface’s brand-specific generative AI, businesses will be able to achieve scalable content personalization, boosting customer engagement and conversion rates.

With this integration, marketers will be able to leverage their own style guides, messaging, and brand assets to create highly relevant, customised content using trusted data from Salesforce’s Marketing GPT. Together, Typeface and Salesforce plan to bring new levels of creativity and productivity with generative AI to enterprises worldwide.

Retail and eCommerce News from the week beginning 12 June 2023




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