Technology Sales Image by kiquebg from Pixabay At its latest product launch event, 6Sense unveiled 6sense AI for Sales. This new solution applies AI across the sales cycle, helping organisations to drive revenue. Latané Conant introduced the slick presentation that announced the launch.

She noted all the challenges faced with selling, spending too much time administrating processes and researching rather than selling. 6sense estimated that sellers only spend 28% of their time selling.

She explained that with this announcement, “Today, we zoom past the age of information and into the age of intelligence.”

Jason Zintak, 6sense CEO
Jason Zintak, 6sense CEO

Jason Zintak, 6sense CEO, said, “Information overload is killing sellers’ productivity. In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, we need to give sellers the tools they need to reach new heights. This means giving sellers sales technology that helps them spend more time selling and less time on unproductive activities.

“We’ve already transformed marketing teams by revealing and targeting accounts and engaging anonymous buyers. Now we’re giving sales teams a massive upgrade from their legacy database vendors. This puts 6sense in a new category where we can innovate and lead, just like we have with others like predictive analytics and ABM. Early momentum from customers making the move to a better selling experience demonstrates the potential for impact.”

6sense AI for Sales

The new solution combines the multiple data sources that 6sense has acquired and has access to and is leveraging AI to provide useful intelligence to sellers.

6sense AI for Sales can proactively prioritise accounts within easy-to-use dashboards. While there are many opportunities, the system will now present which opportunities are the hottest, reassessing the prioritisation at least daily. Sellers can target those accounts most likely to sell, optimising their time and giving them more time to sell and less time to work out who to call next and why.

From the dashboard, sellers can carry out the next recommended task suggested by the AI as it surfaces actions the seller should take to move the opportunity forward.

Even as sellers work in their chosen application, they still have access to the sales intelligence platform. A new Google Chrome extension brings 6sense features into their browser, leveraging integrations to CRM solutions to surface data and insights relevant to their activity no matter the application they are working in.

The new people and company pages draw together insights from across data sources. Sellers can deep dive into company information such as company hierarchy, job insights, and technographic and psychographic data. This is not just a view but interactive pages where sellers can push contacts to LinkedIn, create emails or call up targets.

Contact information is drawn to a single place rather than switching between LinkedIn and CRM pages. For B2B sellers, a new Persona map delivers the account’s buying team within its hierarchy, enabling sellers to initiate multi-threaded activities.

When actions relating to an account occur, the solution can also surface notifications about the important activity. Perhaps a buyer is accessing new website data or has just sent an email. It enables responses to be immediate, so the opportunity is not lost.

Ami Arad, Senior Principal, Product Evangelist, used a mnemonic to describe these new motions, PRMP. He said, “I rely on 6sense’s Revenue AI for Sales to Prioritise my accounts for me, based on battle-tested AI models that tell me which accounts are in market and which aren’t. That makes account Research easier by putting so much information in one place. That gives me a strategy for Multithreading into my accounts. So that finally, when I’m ready, I can Personalise my outreach.”

At the heart of this is data

AI is only as good as the data behind it. 6sense also announced a new data testing framework. This enables organisations a comprehensive way to test the quality of account and contact data in a business. It consisted of 16 points

  • Contact Acquisition
  • Region-based contacts
  • Contact enrichment
  • Account enrichment
  • Accounts on Websites
  • Visitors matched to accounts
  • Website Match rate
  • IP Match
  • Stage6
  • Technographic
  • Events Matched
  • Target Account Match
  • Keyword volume by Region
  • Account level keywords
  • ICP Keyword volume
  • Keyword volume

Having quality data then allows organisations to leverage sales intelligence. Viral Bajaria, 6sense CTO and Co-founder, explained the four levels of analytics that organisations use with 6sense AI for Sales, Descriptive analytics, or what is happening. Diagnostic analytics explains why it is happening. Predictive analytics looks at what is going to happen next. Finally, what excites Bajaria most is prescriptive analytics, which tells you what to do next.

Bajaria commented, Challenges exist on multiple fronts today as sellers have to navigate through a constant barrage of information and noise, plummeting productivity and increasing frustration.

“With our AI-driven solution, sales teams will be able to focus on what they do best – building relationships and closing deals – while our technology takes care of the rest. 6sense Revenue AI for Sales uses the power of AI, big data, and intelligence to give sellers confidence in their ability to close more deals and be the trusted advisor their customers want and need.”

Beta customers love it

During the product launch, Heather Foeh, Senior Director, Customer Marketing and Communities, interviewed Ashleigh Ford, Director of Marketing Operations at Trend Micro. Trend Micro has been using 6sense for only 18 months.

She explained that before 6sense, the marketing and sales teams weren’t aligned. They were unclear about what accounts to target or even which segments. Today they coordinate efforts across teams and time zones, creating segments on the fly through collaboration.

Trend Micro adopted Revenue for sales during the beta program. Ford explains what happened, commenting, “Prospecting is hard, especially in competitive industries. As we shifted some of our sales motions, we took a hard look at the data within our account structure. Some of our sales teams were handed new accounts where 56% of the contact data was missing.

“The data science, machine learning, and AI behind 6sense’s platform was a major factor in the decision to switch to 6sense Revenue AI for Sales. Our sales teams can now see all that intelligence – both prioritized accounts and contacts in personas that are buying from us. It’s given our sales teams a targeted place to start versus trying to figure out what to do with all the data on their own.”

Other customers have also seen early success with the new product. The Showpad sales team increased its “hot accounts” close rate by 298%. 6sense technology was also responsible for qualifying 76% of Showpad’s opportunities.

Another customer, RepTrak, reduced the average sales cycle from 112 to 90 days, streamlining the sales process and delivering a faster time to revenue.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

The product launch was a whirlwind of information that would strike a chord with sales leaders. The content had little technical details as it rightly focused on the high-level benefits and how it would change life for BDRs. 6sense also gave a sneak preview of BDR Appreciation Week. It concludes with the crowning of the World’s Best BDR, career advice from sales VIPs, swag, prizes, and more!

There was a lot of interesting content in the product launch that went beyond the new product, including how 6sense is leveraging generative AI. The interview with Ford highlights some interesting insights, especially for those considering an implementation of 6sense.


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