Learn Education Image by Wokandapix from PixabayNetSuite has launched NetSuite MyLearn. The intent is to bring NetSuite to a much wider audience and ensure that those already within the ecosystem can access more advanced courses from one location. MyLearn is a digital platform that provides a mix of training courses, from instructor-led to on-demand modules. It uses the same platform as Oracle University to deliver a personal digital cloud learning platform.

David Rodman, SVP Global Customer Success at Oracle - NetSuite
David Rodman, SVP Global Customer Success at Oracle – NetSuite

David Rodman, senior vice president of customer success at Oracle NetSuite, commented, “At NetSuite we are committed to helping our customers gain the cloud skills and knowledge they need to increase productivity and grow revenue.

“NetSuite MyLearn is the latest example of our focus in this area, and by providing a personalised and intuitive learning experience, it will help our customers grow their skillset and unlock the full potential of NetSuite.”

Unlike Salesforce Trailhead, NetSuite only offers its Explorer Pass free of charge and pricing for the company pass is only available on request.

NetSuite Explorer Pass

MyLearn consists of two versions. The first, a NetSuite Explorer Pass, requires an activated Oracle Learning account. It provides free access to anyone interested in learning more about NetSuite Technology.

It enables prospects, industry professionals, and students to learn about NetSuite across various subject areas. These are short, on-demand courses lasting between 5 and 14 minutes. Each is a short video giving either a high-level overview or a basic introduction to NetSuite’s functionality. The subjects covered include:

  • Getting started with NetSuite (9 courses)
  • Accounting and Finance (23 courses)
  • Analyze data and run reports (8 courses)
  • Manage Human Capital (18 courses)
  • Manage Items and Inventory (2 courses)
  • Marketing and Sales (3 courses)

There is also a three-minute course about the Explorer Pass itself.

NetSuite Learning Cloud Support Company Pass

The second option, a NetSuite Learning Cloud Support Company Pass, gives access to a far wider range of courses. A brief course about this pass is also available. It provides access to eLearning on-demand courses, ask-the-instructor sessions, downloadable content, educational webinars and hands-on labs. The content contains both instructor-led courses and self-service elements available 24×7 and will prepare employees for NetSuite Certification exams depending upon which of the 97 learning paths is selected.

Course materials are available in several languages, including English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish, though not all content is available in every language. The paid-for content is far more in-depth, with courses lasting over eight hours in many cases. There appear to be daily live sessions available across a range of topics for different time zones worldwide.

Users can track their progress on courses and learning paths on both options. There are quizzes throughout the content to confirm understanding and prepare for tests. This learning platform is the latest way NetSuite hopes to extend its understanding of its solution. Last year it announced SuiteLife Campus, a virtual training program that is still active and aimed to rapidly train consultants on how to use, resell and implement NetSuite with an instructor-led set of courses.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

While the explorer pass provides access to a limited course set, which is useful for those looking to expand their knowledge of NetSuite, the paid-for courses provide greater depth of understanding. Has Oracle NetSuite missed a trick in not providing free access to the wider training modules? If it did, it could rapidly expand the ecosystem of trained people, which will help with further expansion.

The decision by Salesforce to make Trailhead free has paid off and certainly lowers the barriers to entry into their ecosystem. That NetSuite has put up a paywall for most of the content is surprising. However, some courses, such as the hands-on labs and instructor-led courses, will take up resources and cost money, so perhaps the pricing is understandable.

Making the company pass pricing unclear, is further alienating potential consultants and those seeking new careers in the industry from learning about NetSuite. Is NetSuite aiming for short-term profitability over longer-term growth and profitability by charging?

The only other surprise is that MyLearn is not SuiteLearn, is this the start of a new naming convention?


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