0800 Numbers - Benefits for Small Businesses - Image by Daniel Reche from PixabaySmall and medium enterprise owners and even sole traders can make great use of 0800 business telephone numbers nowadays. If you had thought that freephone numbers were only really worth it for large companies and multinational corporations, then it is time to make a commercial reassessment. In fact, obtaining an 0800 number for a small business could cost much less than you had imagined, especially if you opt for a package with inclusive minutes. Regardless of their cost-benefits, 0800 numbers provide SMEs and freelancers with some significant commercial advantages. What are they?

Seem Bigger Than You Are

To begin with, most small businesses don’t have 0800 numbers. As soon as you get one and start publicising it, you will seem much more established and larger in your market than your competition. It is a strategy that works whether you sell goods and/or services to businesses and/or consumers. Adding a freephone business number will take your firm to the next level.

Answer Calls Wherever You Are

Virtual 0800 business numbers don’t need to be tied to a landline. You can answer them on your mobile phone if you want. You can even set them to hunt around on more than one mobile if you have colleagues. This allows you to answer calls whether you’re heading to business meetings, delivering goods or even commuting to the office. It is also possible to maintain your work-life balance. During business hours, calls can ring your office number. Out of hours, for example, in the evenings or at the weekend, you can choose to divert your calls to different numbers such as a mobile. It is also possible to move calls to an outsourced call answering service.

Simply set where and when you’d like calls to be answered, and never miss a phone call again!

Record Sales Calls

According to Cleartone Communications, a firm that provides small business 0800 numbers as well as local, 0845 and 0333 numbers, many people want a freephone number for their sales hotline these days. In turn, this means that they also want to be able to record sales conversations to refer back to later. Today, it is possible to combine a freephone service with digital call recording that you can access whenever you need to, perhaps to confirm order quantities or contact details. Indeed, you can also give callers advance warning that their call may be recorded automatically even before you answer them. This way, you will never have to remember to notify them yourself when you are in the middle of handling their sales enquiry. Of course, if you don’t want call recording, then there is no need to choose this option.

Generate More Inbound Enquiries

In the end, it is important to remember that freephone numbers are recognised as being free to call by virtually everyone in the UK. Whatever your business does, publishing an 0800 number will lead to an upturn in inbound enquiries. In some cases, this can be as much as a third up within a month or two of beginning to use the service. In turn, this will lead to more chances for increased sales conversion rates and greater business growth, something that all small businesses are after, of course.

Find the right telecommunications partner

Cleartone Communications can help you record all your calls, so you never miss vital information from a business call. With our virtual phone numbers, you will never miss a business opportunity with our missed call alerts feature. This feature notifies you via email of the details of the caller!

Sound professional at all times with a personalised business welcome message greeting your customers. Our virtual phone number call whisper feature lets you know that you are receiving a business call rather than a personal one before you are connected to the call.

The solution is easy to set up and simple to use. As one recent Trustpilot, 5-star review stated about Cleartone Communications: “Really simple and clear communication. Helped me set up a 0800 number and explained how everything worked, including a test call to try it out. Offered a discounted rate to get me started. Courteous, helpful staff with no fuss.”

cleartoneCleartone are a Government Licensed Telecommunications Provider who offer both UK and International Phone Services. We have unique and memorable Business Telephone Numbers with calls originating in over 140 countries and terminating anywhere in the world – on any landline or mobile phone. Contact us NOW on +44 207 101 4045 or 0800 0016 222.

We focus on the Company Formations, start-up and SME / SMB markets, developing our tech to ensure our products are wholly compatible, relevant and effective for the markets we operate in.


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