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Retail and eCommerce highlights this week include: Acquia extends its Multi-layered application security protections to provide enterprise Drupal hosting customers with security and risk protection. FDM Group collaborates with Salesforce to boost the global workforce of CRM specialists. The latest Innovator Intelligence Report features Nfinite case study and discusses the advantages 3D visuals can bring to the retail industry.

Coresight Research Graphic publishes a report on The Benefits of CGI for Retail. Research highlights that retailers turning to computer-generated imagery to improve eCommerce experiences

Acquia extends Drupal Steward Program support

Digital experience company Acquia has renewed its support of the Drupal Steward Program, a web application firewall operated by the Drupal Association and Drupal Security team. Acquia runs Drupal Steward protection across its Drupal Cloud platform, which includes products such as Site Factory for multi-site management.

Additionally, there is the Acquia Cloud Platform, the Drupal-optimized, fully managed hosting platform. This supplements Acquia’s Drupal application security capabilities, which provide thousands of the world’s largest sites with the most up-to-date security and vulnerability fixes.

The Drupal Steward program bridges the gap between the time when a security release is announced and when a website is fully updated with the new security patch. In the event of a highly critical security update, the Drupal security team publishes a notification to warn Acquia and other Drupal Steward participants. Acquia then blocks the risk vector before the security vulnerability is publicly announced. This globally distributed service relieves customers’ IT teams of the need to immediately implement site updates.

Beyond Drupal Steward, Acquia provides world-class security for its Drupal hosting customers. It delivers up to 99.99% uptime SLA and the performance they need to operate at enterprise scale. It provides role-based access control, security by design, and advanced security features. This allows Acquia customers to mitigate risks and achieve compliance with a variety of industry regulations.

In addition to Acquia’s security oversight and governance at the platform and support levels, millions of developers view, evaluate, and contribute to Drupal, making it better and safer every day.

FDM Group collaborates with Salesforce to boost global workforce of CRM specialists

FDM Group, a professional services provider with a focus on IT and Operations, is collaborating with Salesforce. The collaboration aims to boost the availability and capability of CRM specialists across the Salesforce ecosystem.

FDM Group is a Salesforce Authorised Training Provider (SATP) which trains consultants using Trailhead Academy. The Trailhead Academy consists of expert-led learning content to develop niche skills in Salesforce. Graduates are placed and integrated into selected job roles in industry-leading businesses across the country.

FDM will work closely with the business to build a customised training curriculum. Each consultant is learning skills which are specific to the job role they will be picking up. This could include deploying Salesforce Business Analysts who are trained in Business Analysis Fundamentals.

Consultants can also take courses in Process Modelling, Requirement Engineering, Agile Practices and Risk Management prior to a customised Salesforce training programme. These are required to achieve Salesforce Certifications, such as Certified Administrator, Certified Business Analyst and Certified Platform Developer.

The intention of this partnership is to connect businesses with CRM specialists. They can integrate CRM tools which connect departments from marketing and sales, to e-commerce, IT and customer-facing roles, with a single, shared view of every customer.

Benefits from working with FDM’s Salesforce-certified consultants include improving and centralising sales processes with better forecasting and reporting. In addition to generating insights and scaling marketing efforts to boost ROI on cross-channel campaigns.

Retailers turning to computer-generated imagery to improve eCommerce experiences

Nfinite, a provider of 3D visualisation and e-merchandising for retailers, is partnering with Coresight Research to release its report, “CGI Provides Benefits for Retail That Traditional Photography Cannot Match.” The research, which features Nfinite, is part of Coresight Research’s Innovator Intelligence series. The series focuses on emerging companies disrupting traditional retail and fueling innovation across the retail value chain.

In the report, Coresight Research shares that retailers are increasingly turning to computer-generated imagery (CGI) to improve merchandising and meet the rapidly growing demand for visual content to sell and market products online. The report also discusses the cost and time savings associated with CGI compared to traditional photography.

The report highlights that using CGI is 63% quicker than traditional photography in producing product visuals. It is also 50% more carbon efficient than traditional photography.

The report spotlights a customer case study from Nfinite. A multi-channel home and living retailer partnered with Nfinite’s online merchandising solution and saw improved overall sales, page visits and add-to-cart rates from product pages. The customer also shared they saved 85% in per-image production costs compared with the previous solution.

GRUBBRR acquires mobile ordering platform Noble

GRUBBRR, an industry-leading provider of self-ordering technologies, has acquired GetNoble. GetNoble is the consumer-centric digital commerce and marketing platform for onsite experiences. This strategic acquisition provides GetNoble with the resources to expand its mobile and time-based ordering capabilities. It also enables GRUBBRR to venture deeper into the sports and entertainment verticals.

Noble’s omnichannel ordering technology allows guests to order and pay for food and drinks at their favourite venues, stadiums, and events without missing a minute of the action. Guests can order and pay for bar and concession items by native app, web-link / QR code for app-less ordering, and text via chatbot.

Patrons can choose their desired pick-up or delivery locations, and pay and tip via Venmo, Apple Pay, or credit card. In addition, Noble’s platform enables patrons to schedule orders ahead of time, such as arrival, intermission, or halftime.

Like GRUBBRR, Noble’s feature set saves operators time and money while also providing a better experience for guests. Together, GRUBBRR and Noble hope to revolutionize the entertainment industry and refine the ordering experience for operators and patrons alike.


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