Professional Services Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayAt its annual conference Collaborate, Wrike unveiled Wrike Lightspeed, a new platform that it hopes will drive growth after its split from Citrix. That growth aims to continue its strong momentum over the last year. FinancialForce revealed stories about three customers that are using their PSA solution, Avalara, Thales and Kinetic Vision


Accelo announced the addition of new view permissions for professional access users. In a blog, Clare Tickerman, product manager, explains the ability to grant certain users access to view all timesheets of all timesheets, not just their direct reports. This is a simple setting; users will need to create groups to see their own hierarchy of reports rather than across the whole company.

The solution also has a new setting to enable authorised users to view profit and costs for any individual user, not just their direct reports. The Global Cost and Profit Permission report delivers visibility into performance across the organisation. Only administrators can set the permissions, and contractors are not able to gain this visibility, only professional access users.

In a separate blog, Mandy Anger, VP of product, revealed the priorities for Accelo going forward. She highlighted three initiatives.

  • UI redesign to improve the user experience, simplify the view screens, and upgrade the architecture to be more performant and scalable.
  • Payments services to streamline Accelo’s quote-to-cash workflow through automatic payment processing with built-in tools and minimal manual work.
  • Mobile redesign to adapt the mobile application to the tools mobile users need and to upgrade the underlying architecture to align with industry best practices.

Anger also commented: “While we have made the decision to deprioritize some items that had been planned on our roadmap — disabling time logging on a project or milestone, for example — those items have not been discarded. They will be reviewed and prioritized in the future as we have bandwidth and as those features align with Accelo’s company goals and objectives. has opened another office in the United States as it continues to expand across the nation. The new office 6,100 square foot office is in Chicago.

Mike Lamm, VP of People, North America, commented, “At, collaboration is a core foundation of our culture, from Tel Aviv to Tokyo, New York to Chicago. Having just celebrated the exciting milestone of opening our North American headquarters in New York City in September, it’s wonderful to see our Midwest colleagues grow that momentum into opening this exciting space.

“The common thread between all of us – no matter the location – is the great success and innovation that comes from promoting collaboration and community, and this is especially true in Chicago.”

Worklife Guru

Resource Guru has announced several updates to its scheduling tool. This is not a major update but several small performance improvements across the platform. It includes the ability to filter which calendar imports are displayed with a newly designed navigation.

There are performance improvements to how calendar integration to Google Calendar and Outlook calendar work. External calendar events show red or green depending on whether the time is busy or free. The vendor also revealed several bug fixes.


Screendragon revealed how Wolff Olins, a renowned British advertising agency, uses its agency management software. It uses the solution to service key clients, optimize resources, manage costings, and collaborate internally and with clients.


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