Applying DevOps to databases to ease the load on DBAs (Image Credit: FreePhotosART from Pixabay )DevOps is about improving the speed with which to deliver software from design to production. It’s good because it means we can adapt software at the speed of change in the business and that is about delivering commercial advantage. Yet a lot of the software we use today relies on a database and that is an area where faster change is seen as heretical. There is still a major fear that touching the database will cause the sky to fall.

Robert Reeves, CTO at Datical (Image Credit: LinkedIn)
Robert Reeves, CTO at Datical

To get a different view on this problem, Enterprise Times talked to Robert Reeves, CTO at Datical. Reeves said: “DevOps teaches us that by having a smaller unit of change, we can have less impact on the target environment. Of course, that means that if we’re having smaller units of change, we have to have more units. We have more applications, we have more services, we are delivering multi-channel content, things like that. If we are going to accelerate delivering our applications, we have to have a smaller amount of change that happens more often. We haven’t done that for Our database changes, we have had these massive changes, we’re going to cram it all in at once.”

To deal with all that change. Datical has focused on how you create DevOps solutions that work for DBAs. As Reeves said: “It’s very hard to get time from a DBA to manually review the SQL scripts. We’re trying to take the DBA out of that manual review process. We have some technology that will automatically scan these things and see if bad things are gonna happen. Enforce naming conventions, but also enforce DBA 101 stuff, don’t add a foreign key, unless the columns in that foreign key have an index.”

To hear more of what Reeves had to say, listen to the podcast.

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