Connect Merge Image by Selling of my photos with StockAgencies is not permitted from Pixabay (Congerdesign)Kainos has announced the acquisition of Intuitive Technologies LLC (“IntuitiveTEK”). Terms of the deal were not disclosed. IntuitiveTEK is an Adaptive Insights partner which adds 38 consultants to Kainos. This will strengthen its presence in the North American market and its expertise on Workday solutions.

Brendan Mooney, CEO, Kainos, commented: “I am delighted to welcome the IntuitiveTEK team to Kainos, and into our ever-expanding Workday practice. The team’s expertise, excellent reputation, and passion for building strong customer relationships aligns with our business, and we look forward to having them on board. As a leading Workday partner, we see this acquisition as an important step to deepen our expertise in Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud in the United States, where we continue to see growing demand from clients in modernizing their planning and financial management processes.”

Brendan Mooney, CEO, Kainos
Brendan Mooney, CEO, Kainos

IntuitiveTEK has delivered more than 500 Adaptive projects. Its customers include brands such as AAA, Adidas, Southwestern Energy and York college of Pennsylvania. It brings a depth of expertise for Adaptive Insights that will strengthen its Workday practise. That practise was expanded at the end of 2019 by the purchases of Formulate and Implexa, in UK and Europe respectively.

Malachy Smith, Workday Global Practice Leader, Kainos, added:”Kainos has been a leading Workday partner since 2011 and joining forces with IntuitiveTEK is another example of our continued commitment to expand our expertise in order to serve our customers. This partnership brings together our growing track record of deploying Workday Financial Management with deep knowledge across business planning, ensuring we are a go-to partner for customers in this key market.”

Consolidation in Workday ecosystem

Three acquisitions by Kainos in only a few months sees further consolidation of the Workday partner ecosystem. Kainos is not the only one. Accenture recently acquired Sierra-Cedar’s Workday practice. This is good news for Workday enterprise projects. However, there is a risk that removing many of these smaller partners will hinder the ability to deliver smaller projects.

For IntuitiveTEK, who was one of the first Adaptive Insights partners this could be seen as a natural evolution. While there is still a market for Adaptive Insights outside of Workday, in combination it is a stronger proposition. This was highlighted by Wells Fargo Bank selecting both Workday HCM and Adaptive Insights recently.

Brian Storrs, Founder and President, IntuitiveTEK, said: ”From the start, we saw the incredible benefits of the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud and as Adaptive Insights has grown, so have we. I am incredibly proud of all we have achieved to date and am excited for the next stage in our journey. The coming together of IntuitiveTEK and Kainos is a powerful combination for our customers and I am looking forward to partnering with Brendan, Malachy and the team.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

In some ways it is surprising that this consolidation has taken time to occur. However, it indicates that confidence in the success of Adaptive Insights remains strong. The larger SI’s want to increase capacity as a result.

Will companies like Kainos and Accenture look to acquire Scout RFP partners in the future? It is 18 months since Workday acquired Adaptive insights and 2 months since it acquired Scout RFP. Perhaps in 2021 we will see acquisitions of Scout RFP partners. As the big workday SI’s look to increase expertise, assuming the Scout acquisition is successful.


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