EBM the French financial management software vendor has restructured its organisation and created an international division to focus on growth in Spain, Morocco and the Ivory Coast. Grégoire Leclercq, Deputy Managing Director of EBP Informatique commented: “After having focused exclusively on the French market, we now wish to develop internationally. It is in this context that we decided to put together a team in a dedicated department. Our goal is to strongly develop our market share by working closely with our local partners. Of course, beyond the sales teams, this new department will be able to draw on our development expertise. We know how to localise our software and integrate the regulatory and business functionality specific to each country concerned. ”

The new unit is also likely to support the other French speaking countries in Africa that EBP supplies its software into. However the operation in Belgium is likely to stay outside this new group

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

EBP seems serious about launching its products onto select international markets. In Spain, where it already has a subsidiary it will find familiar strong competition from Sage. Sage is one of its main competitors in France. In terms of the other major cloud vendors Xero does not yet have a Spanish or French language version. QuickBooks however while available internationally as yet has no offices in Spain or Morocco.

EBP seems cautious in its expansion. However it is sensibly not trying to penetrate the English speaking nations where competition is fierce. Instead it is focusing on the French speaking West African nations. Their cloud based and mobile solution coupled with local language sales and service skills could do well.


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