VAIVAI has launched a new version of its S2K Enterprise ERP solution, version 6.1. VAI is an independent mid-market ERP developer known for its flexible solutions and ability to automate critical business functions for the distribution, manufacturing, retail and service sectors. With specific ERP solutions for Hard Goods, Food and Pharmaceutical companies, VAI is used to address key industry requirements.

Bob Vormittag, chief executive officer and president at VAI
Bob Vormittag, chief executive officer and president at VAI

The more dead inventory businesses have in their warehouses, the higher the handling costs and negative cost implications,” said Bob Vormittag, chief executive officer and president at VAI.

There is a serious need for better agility and visibility among businesses’ ERP decisions, and suggested purchasing leverages historical sales data to forecast demand and predict long-range trends. S2K 6.1 will allow our customers to take the guesswork out of purchasing and improve ROI.

VAI’s S2K Enterprise ERP, v6.1

Featuring a simplified user interface, S2K version 6.1 debuts new efficiencies and innovations around S2K:

  • Warehouse application
  • Suggested Purchasing application
  • Mobile application
  • Analytics application.

In addition it offers enhanced an:

  • Sales Force application
  • Customer Relationship Management application
  • Marketing Automation application.

With these additions, S2K 6.1 customers will have a broader solution to address unique business needs, including:

  • advanced inventory management
  • integrated CRM and Marketing
  • enhanced analytics and mobile applications.

S2K 6.1 bridging

S2K 6.1 bridges the gap between marketing and sales. It achieves this by integrating the contact database across these applications. This enables, for example:

  • a marketing department to pass leads to sales
  • sales to pass customer information to marketing
  • avoidance of repetitive manual data entry.

A consequence is that sales reps will have instant insight into:

  • the content a lead, or customer, has consumed
  • what links they have clicked on
  • what web pages they have visited.

S2K 6.1 also allows users to automate lead scoring which means sales reps only receive notifications of the lead when the lead ‘becomes hot’. This eliminates wasted time and effort. The idea is this should lead to increased traffic and more conversions of leads to customers, who then grow the business.

Enhanced suggested purchasing and analytics

S2K 6.1 comes with an enhanced suggested purchasing system. Even well-run companies can hold up to 30% dead or obsolete inventory. Companies which choose S2K 6.1 will:

  • reduce inventory
  • increase fill rates.

This can happen because S2K 6.1 has the ability to track and manage:

  • order requisitions
  • orders
  • invoice management
  • suppliers.

It can also forecast future spending to help with budgeting. This works for distributors and manufacturers alike.

Beyond the augmented suggested purchasing features, S2K 6.1 offers users real-time access into analytics –  like customer fill rates – through its ‘Health Check’ dashboards. With S2K 6.1 businesses can view up to 100 metrics, which are updated in real-time in the ERP system. Organizations will have actionable insights into historical trends.

At VAI, we strive to continuously develop new solutions to enhance all aspects of our customers’ businesses, provide unparalleled support and offer a simple experience,” said Larry Murphy vice president of R&D at VAI. “By introducing S2K 6.1, we are offering our customers the chance to meet all of their business challenges head-on.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

The formal unveiling of S2K 6.1 will occur at VAI Fall Forum in September (2019). This will explore the enhancements in greater detail.

While improvements to ERP are necessary to remain competitive, VAI’s delivery of suggested purchasing and the automated deeper analytics are noteworthy. Anything which can identify, and the prevent, inefficiencies like 30% redundant inventory must be attractive.

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