Holiday - image credit: / Ana JCarrying on from my previous tip on how to count days between two dates that are just week days. We need to investigate adding in personal days and bank holidays. If you have scheduled personal days and need to include bank holidays then you need to create a simple spreadsheet that looks something like this. Containing a Start date, end date and the personal days as well as bank holidays. setup sheetAdding in Bank holidays can be tricky as you not only need to know those of your own country but perhaps across the globe too.

Here is a link to a website that gives all bank holidays across the globe.

As I am in the UK, I looked for the list of bank holidays that were just for the UK. With the result that looks like this. UK Bank holiday list
Using the function of Networkdays the dialog box will look like this. Argument Dialog boxThe result will be 73 working days. without the use of the Workday function if you calculated the days by taking one date away from the other you’ll get this answer.

Step one

simple calculation formulaResult

result 2

The beauty of creating a spreadsheet is that you can of course update it at any time with extra holidays or sadly take some out because of work commitments. You’ll get those back later I’m sure.

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