Eagle soar Image credit Pixbay/Vasile-PraleaClarizen has announced the release of two new products to its portfolio. Clarizen Eagle and Clarizen Go are add-on applications to Clarizen One. They are both designed to strengthen the collaborative work management solution that Clarizen offers.

Clarizen Eagle provides management with a dimensional view that can deliver insights on initiatives within the company, that is not project centric. Clarizen Go delivers an intuitive solution for task management in organisations that have adopted an agile, traditional or hybrid approach.

Boaz Chalamish, CEO, Clarizen (Image credit Clarizen.com)
Boaz Chalamish, CEO, Clarizen

Boaz Chalamish, CEO, Clarizen commented: “Clarizen helps customers achieve their goals by connecting the dots between how senior executives kick off business initiatives, how organizations create plans to realize them, and how employees collaborate and execute upon those plans. We now offer multiple enterprise-grade solutions that help companies streamline, automate and realize new value across the entire work lifecycle.”

Eagle provide a new business overview

Clarizen Eagle is now available as a standalone add-on to Clarizen One, although it is not clear how Clarizen will price the new feature. Clarizen Eagle allows users to create and track ideas, initiative and KPI’s in a collaborative space. Users are able to create Action Items and communicate decisions across a business unit, regardless of what projects consultants are working on. It aims to assist organisations in executing strategic initiatives by enabling business leaders to communicate, collaborate and monitor its progress in a dashboard view.

Clarizen Eagle dashboard
Clarizen Eagle dashboard

Rajesh Mishra, Head of IT PMO at Equinix commented: “With the introduction of Clarizen Go and Clarizen Eagle, we are eager to see how our PMO and other functions will drive even greater agility and efficiencies.” It is perhaps surprising that Clarizen did not get an early adopter to comment on the new release rather than an existing and satisfied customer of three years that is hoping to reap some its benefits.

An example of an initiative is tracking the number of customers closed in each quarter. An individual can be held responsible for delivering the initiative and their progress tracked graphically. Users can create milestones for each initiative allowing business leaders to quickly identify how far off track an initiative is. Each initiative can include several KPI’s and can include projects as well.

The initiative dashboard provides an easy way to see progress across each of the KPI’s. It also displays a side panel for relevant internal message communication. It is possible to assign an executive to each initiative and Eagle Go also has a view for a CEO to see which initiatives are on track and who is responsible.

Go and do your Task Management

Clarizen Go is the latest iteration of task management. It delivers a highly visual workspace for users to view and update schedules. The new dashboards deliver visual Kanban board style with tasks, allocated individuals easily distinguishable. Each project dashboard displays an overall project status, employee activity on the project and the progress on tasks. Categories include to do, doing, routed for approval, done and on hold. Colour coding helps users identify what the task is. A simple headshot identifies who is responsible for each of the tasks.

Users are able to customise the dashboard for their particular approach to working. It allows users to create and allocate new tasks. Individual workers are also able to filter the view down to only the tasks that they are working on.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Clarizen Go brings the task management of Clarizen One more in line with competitive solutions. However, it is not clear whether the solution supports drag and drop functionality. This would allow resource managers to quickly update resourcing plans. Clarizen Eagle is a new module that delivers much promise. It will be interesting to see how successful adopting companies are with it.

According to Norton & Kaplan, The Balanced Scorecard: “90% of organizations fail to execute their strategies successfully.” If Clarizen Eagle can help to reduce that figure then Clarizen has created a feature that business leaders will start to expect from their work management system and PSA. This is often seen as the purview of Enterprise performance management solutions such as Adaptive Insights.

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