SuccessConnect 2018 Berlin (c) 2018 SAPEnterprise Times spoke to Mark Brandau Vice President Solution Management, SAP SuccessFactors at SuccessConnect this week.

In a wide-ranging discussion, we covered a gamut of subjects with the exception of blockchain.

Mark Brandau Vice President Solution Management, SAP SuccessFactors (imge credit Linkedin
Mark Brandau Vice President Solution Management, SAP SuccessFactors

The recently launched Candidate Relationship Management functionality was the first topic covered. ET asked why SAP SuccessFactors is launching it now. We also discussed its extension into both Alumni and Freelancers. SAP already use Enterprise Jungle (now EnterpriseAlumni) as their Alumni management. We naturally posed the question of whether they were an acquisition target.

SAP SuccessFactors recently announced an agreement with Microsoft on hosting the solution in their public data centres. This allows SAP to have a broader footprint. Brandau acknowledged that this will be helpful in an environment of increasing regulation, notably GDPR. He also sees GDPR as more of an opportunity with companies needing to move more vulnerable HR systems on-premise to the cloud.

We discussed the recent announcement on Arvato leveraging SAP Model Company for HR. In particular we talked about what the product does and what the future holds for it. There is a potential inference that SAP SuccessFactors will look to adopt some vertical functionality through these templates, something it has not overtly done before, though it is quite capable of.

At SuccessConnect SAP SuccessFactors also announced an upcoming Android mobile app. Brandau spoke about the strategy for mobile and why they are launching apps as well as a responsive design.

To hear more of what Brandau had to say, listen to the podcast.

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