NXG LabsSprint has joined NXM Labs (NXM) to launch a 5G-ready, connected car platform which combines high-speed, on-demand passenger Wi-Fi, advanced vehicle health monitoring and safety. This aims to provide a blockchain-powered IoT security system which guards against hackers.

Ivo Rook
Ivo Rook

Through the power of blockchain technology, NXM provides an advanced level of security and advanced capabilities to vehicles that might not otherwise have it, even extending Wi-Fi,” said Ivo Rook, SVP of IoT for Sprint. “With the power of Sprint’s high-speed LTE and upcoming 5G network behind the technology, consumers will be able to experience the latest in automotive technology, even in early-model vehicles.

The Sprint + NXM platform

The Sprint + NXM platform will include a powerful automotive router to:

  • keep people connected on the road
  • save money by tracking vehicle performance via mobile apps (features will include maintenance reminders, preventive notifications, scheduling and booking service appointments)
  • facilitate location capabilities
  • aid safety (via smart parental controls, anti-theft, roadside assistance and collision detection features)
  • improve parking)
  • enable multiple family vehicles to connect to each other.

The platform will provide on-demand, unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity. Initially Sprint will enable this via its LTE (4G) network. When ready this will move to the faster speeds and capacity of Sprint’s forthcoming 5G service (beginning in the first half of 2019). Drivers – and passengers – will be able to connect devices in a suitable equipped vehicle (after choosing ‘to order’ cellular broadband – by the day, week or month). This will avoid users relying on existing smartphone plans.

The Sprint + NXM platform will also makes it easier to find nearby parking and low-cost gas as well as monitor driving expenses. The platform will be available starting this fall at leading automotive dealers in the USA.

Scott Rankine
Scott Rankine

Scott Rankine, NXM Lab’s CEO and co-founder said: “We are extremely pleased to be collaborating with Sprint to bring to market the most advanced and secure connected car platform ever powered by the industry’s first Blockchain OS.

We’re making it easy for both preowned and new car buyers to experience the latest in smart connected vehicle technology features that not only help protect their investment but keeps them and their family members safe.

Sprint’s network

Today Sprint’s LTE network has (national) average download speeds which are up by >30% year-over-year, according to Ookla’s analysis of its Speedtest Intelligence for the period from May 2017 to May 2018. This reflects Sprint’s increased investment to improve coverage, reliability and speed across its US nationwide network.

In addition, Sprint possesses a global Tier 1 Internet backbone. It is this which enables the improved coverage, reliability and speed. The new 5G service will take advantage of this. Some 55M+ subscribers obtain their mobility via Sprint.

About NXM Labs

NXM Labs, headquartered in San Francisco, is a blockchain IoT security company. It develops technology to enable smart devices to operate and communicate with each other and their surroundings automatically and securely without human intervention.

NXM-BOS is a blockchain OS (BOS). NXM-BOS provides scalable IoT security and data protection. This enables development and deployment of trustworthy devices and applications which communicate with each other and their surroundings securely and without human intervention.

NXM-BOS is ARM PSA compatible and runs on any class of ARM processor. This enables NXM-BOS to:

  • combine blockchain with a new approach to machine identity which enhances security and data integrity, yet uses existing infrastructure and gateways.
  • enable the creation of distributed, decentralized ecosystems of autonomous devices operating as intelligent nodes in true P2P networks
  • provision devices as well as remotely upgrading them to defend against intrusion

NXM-BOS-enabled devices self-assign their own (self-sovereign) machine identity the first time they connect to a network. This, patent-pending identifier, belongs in the blockchain and cannot be altered for the lifetime of the device.

Enterprise Times: what does this mean

This Sprint + NXM initiative is one of many aimed at the automotive industry. Others include IOTA which has joined MOBI (BMW, Ford. Bosch, Hyperledger and others). No doubt there will be more.

From one viewpoint, this is all about bringing the car (or truck) into the 21st Century. Until now vehicles and disconnection have been almost synonymous (think how relatively crude is the OBD II port). They even lag planes for both pilot (driver) and passenger connectivity.

From another, one can almost hear Sprint’s revenue watcher salivate. More connections, more data traffic, larger invoices. Just think of the possibilities when (if) family vehicles and their participants can interact – data, audio, video… Enterprise cost managers take note.

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