UNRVLD + Smeg (c) 2024 UNRVLDUNRVLD has announced the details of a project to transform the Smeg online store. The digital marketing consultancy has developed a short case study video with Smeg explaining how the latest iteration evolved. Smeg had worked with UNRVLD since 2019 when it built its first commerce site. Much has changed since then, and the website has evolved considerably.

The new direct-to-consumer (D2C) website was built using the Optimizely digital experience platform. Smeg chose UNRVLD, the leading digital experience and technology agency. UNRVLD has developed a site that reflects the iconic Smeg brand. The Smeg marketing team can build customer campaigns and journeys that truly enhance the digital experience.

The brief developed between Smeg and UNRVLD wanted to stretch the boundaries of what has been achieved in the digital space. Consumers today, across all generations, expect a lot more than they have before. Smeg wanted to develop a platform that would enable them to have a leading presence in the eCommerce space. The platform supports eCommerce stores within all of the countries the firm operates.

Tom Williams, Managing Partner, UNRVLD explained the Smeg vision in a short case study video saying. “The vision is to grow the direct-to-consumer market and look at the channels and the opportunities for Smeg and UNRVLD in doing so.

“Linking up their omnichannel, their store with their web site vision is fundamental of the next steps of the journey and making it much more cohesive and giving a user experience that is second to none in the marketplace.”

Smeg site

The new site enables customers to find every appliance available within the range and personalise it as they wish. Related items and services are easy to find and reflect the brand ethos that Smeg has built over the years. Having built the site, the relationship continues to strengthen. UNRVLD is delivering the technology expertise to enable Smeg to bring new products and creative campaigns into the hands of consumers.

The site is powered by Optmizely’s content management engine, enabling Smeg to create new items on the site. Having created the initial site, UNRVLD has continuously updated the site. It has assisted Smeg with moving from universal analytics to Geo 4, category optimisation and improving the checkout flow. UNRVLD continues to assist Smeg with the A/B testing and customer personalisation journeys and enhance the consumer experience.

Smeg builds technology with style, and in UNRVLD has found a partner that has enabled it to build an eCommerce platform with the same mission. Steve Broodryk, Smeg Head of eCommerce, commented, “UNRVLD is the perfect choice for a digital partner. Not only do their experts have a breadth of knowledge across the Optimizely technology suite, but also a flare for design and a deep understanding of how to engage with consumers online.”


UNRVLD is an Optimixely Platinum partner and has delivered over 50 projects with the digital experience platform. These Optimzely projects include Permanent TSB, New Era Cap and the Lloyd’s Register.

Steven Cassin, UNRVLD's Chief Strategy Officer
Steven Cassin, UNRVLD’s Chief Strategy Officer

Steven Cassin, UNRVLD’s Chief Strategy Officer, said, “As Optimizely Solution Partner of the Year, UNRVLD was perfectly placed to support Smeg’s aspirations to develop a direct-to-consumer offering which complements their existing retail channels and partners.

“Optimizely provides an all-in-one digital marketing and commerce operating system for Smeg – enabling them to blend content and commerce to create immersive and valuable customer experiences. We are delighted to share this video to showcase our work together. We look forward to continuing to partner with Smeg to optimise the customer experience for their discerning customer base in the months ahead.”

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Over the last four years, UNRVLD has demonstrated that building a website is not just a technology project but a partnership. With Smeg, it has strengthened its partnership with digital marketing and technological expertise. It has evolved its digital channels as the world has changed around it.

Smeg’s tagline is building technology with style, and UNRVLD has achieved this for them. UNRVLD has created a website where Smeg effectively engages with customers, further strengthening the relationships it has with them.


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