Appointment Door - Photo by Dima Pechurin on UnsplashMonta, the vendor behind the platform that powers many of the EV charging platforms across Europe, has appointed a new CTO, Jesper Terkelsen. The appointment means that Co-Founder Casper Rasmussen, who previously served as both CEO and CTO, will now concentrate on his role as CEO.

This is not an external appointment, as Terkelsen has been at Monta as Vice-President of Engineering since September 2023, running three divisions: Platform, Financial Services, and Data. He will now lead the scale up of the engineering organisations within Monta that will help fuel its growth. He will also continue to deliver the product innovation that differentiates it from competitors. Recent updates include PowerBank, Vehicle to Grid or Virtual Solar. Rasmussen will work closely with Terkelsen, having built a working relationship over the last few months. This will deliver a differentiation from other firms as one of the few led by a tech leader.

Casper Rasmussen, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Monta, said “After three and a half exciting years being CEO and CTO, it is the right moment to pass the torch. When I met and hired Jesper last year, I knew he was the right candidate when the time would come. His world-class technical knowledge and leadership skills in managing engineering teams in a fast-growing software environment are exactly what we need.”

“Since the founding of the company, I have taken care of building a top-level team of engineers. They are the company’s beating heart, relentlessly pursuing industrial excellence, releasing new features, and integrating new charge points, to name a few. Jesper has been an integral part of that effort since he joined us. Now it’s time for me to focus more on developing the business growth, and expansion to scale our business to new heights.”

Who is Jesper Terkelsen?

Before joining Monta, Terkelsen was VP of Engineering at Tradeshift, spending ten years at the source to pay and B2B eCommerce vendor. As VP of Global Platform Operations, he led 15 teams in 6 locations and has the experience to help Monta grow. It will be interesting to see what his growth strategy for engineering is.

Prior to that, he worked as a consultant and developed at several firms, including Tele2, SFR, PFA Pension and Neoconsult A/S.

Jesper Terkelsen, Chief Technology Officer at Monta (image credit - LinkedIn/Jesper Terkelsen)
Jesper Terkelsen, Chief Technology Officer at Monta

Terkelsen said, “I’m thrilled to become Monta’s CTO at such a key moment of the company’s journey following our last fundraising. Having worked previously in a SaaS company that grew fast and expanded globally. I feel I’m in a good position to contribute to Monta’s success at the stage the company is. Scaling up both the product and the organisation is an ambitious challenge just the way I like it.

“The EV sector is burgeoning, and there’s an immense opportunity to develop software that maximises the potential of electrification. I’m proud to keep building this with such an amazing team. With a talented team and a visionary CEO who understands the technical landscape, I’m confident we will continue to set new standards in the industry. Moreover, the company’s mission to build a more sustainable future aligns perfectly with my values.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Having raised €80 million in January, Rasmussen has realised that he needs to focus on his role as CEO. Hiring Terkelsen back in September might have indicated that this was always the plan. Freed up from the day-to-day responsibilities of CTO, Rasmussen can now focus on the CEO responsibilities and role. It also means that the company will have a more focused leader for its technology direction.


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