Global Supply Chain Network, Created using PIXLR - AI Image GeneratorInfor has launched Infor Nexus Map and Trace, a new application that offers firms greater transparency for their supply chains. Map and Trace was co-developed with Burton Snowboards, a privately owned snowboard manufacturing company and a sustainability leader within the outdoor and winter sports industries.

The application helps to map multi-tier supplier networks and assists with tracing materials across them. It enables organisations to better understand the complexities of their supplier network. Enabling them to mitigate risks and ensure compliance with regulations.

The application is built to support regulations such as:

  • German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act
  • United States Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA)
  • French AGEC Law

In the future, Infor Nexus is developing and aims to launch a wider solution that will provide a digital product identifier to help comply with regulations such as the EU Digital Product Passport.

Enhancing Infor Nexus

John Gularson, SVP and General Manager of Infor Nexus (image credit - LinkedIn/John Gularson)
John Gularson, SVP and General Manager of Infor Nexus

Infor Nexus already has 80,000 suppliers onboarded onto the platform. It is the chosen solution for many international brands, including Burton, Crocs and Molex. Mapping suppliers and documentation and having real visibility into every component of documentation is still a manual process for many. Infor Nexus was also considering the devlopment of Map and Trace to further enhance the Infor Nexus program to ease this burden.

John Gularson, SVP and General Manager of Infor Nexus, commented, “We have been connecting companies to their supply chain networks to enable supply chain visibility and orchestration of global supply chain processes for over two decades. Our customers increase agility, resiliency and on time product delivery, which can reduce costs and free up working capital. Now we are extending this to provide evidence of their chain of custody. Multi-tier is a natural evolution for us.”

Carolyn Schmidt, Senior Director of sourcing & production Burton Snowboards (image credit - LinkedIn/Carolyn Schmidt)
Carolyn Schmidt, Senior Director of sourcing & production Burton Snowboards

Burton became involved early on. Carolyn Schmidt, Senior Director of sourcing & production Burton Snowboards, explained, “We had sat through countless demos of other platforms and questioned who is going to manage another platform? We’ve already heard from our supply chain that ‘platform fatigue’ is real, so when we heard that Map and Trace was in development, we jumped on the chance to co-develop it with the Infor Nexus team. We were able to develop a solution in the system where we were already managing our day-to-day supply chain.”

What is Infor Nexus Map and Trace

There are two components within the new solution: Supply Chain Mapping and Supply Chain Tracing. These enable the firm to first chart its multi-tier supplier networks and then trace materials across them.

Supply Chain Mapping enables firms to invite tiers of suppliers onto the platform, including their facilities and details of the tier of suppliers. Where suppliers already exist on Infor Nexus the system prevents duplication and connects the dots. Once complete the entire supply chain of the firm is completely mapped. No matter how complex the supplier network mesh is.

Supply Chain tracing then requires the information for every transaction flowing over the network to be added. It ensures that Infor Nexus is able to understand the flow of materials across the supplier network. It can help quickly understand where vital pieces of information are missing that might delay the process. The system generates a comprehensive package of tracing materials and the mapped supply chain.

To facilitate this, the solution has an Open API architecture enabling seamless integration with existing enterprise systems and data sources. The platform is hosted in a secure environment on AWS, which provides the scalability that multinational firms will need.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

The Map and Trace Infor has developed is a solution that unveils another layer of the supply chain for manufacturers. Infor highlights five benefits it believes that its platform delivers:

  • Gain end-to-end visibility into multi-tier supplier networks
  • Ensure compliance with laws like the United States UFLPA and the French AGEC
  • Respond faster to customs detentions and product inquiries, preventing penalties and lost sales
  • Support product claims around sustainable materials and ethical sourcing
  • Enhance brand reputation and build customer trust

There is no indication of pricing. However, for existing Infor Nexus customers, it seems worthy of consideration. For other MNOs, it is worth a look to see whether Infor Nexus has developed a tool that can help mitigate many of the risks that firms now face with supply chain disruption and increasing legislation.


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