Epicor and Climatiq collaborate to calculate carbon costs - Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayAt Epicor Insights this week, besides announcing the acquisition of PIM and B2B Commerce vendor KYKLO, the global ERP vendor also announced a collaboration with Climatiq Technologies GmbH. Climatiq provides an embedded carbon intelligence solution that enables developers to automate GHG emission calculations based on verified scientific models. The collaboration will enable Epicor to bring advanced carbon intelligence calculations and reporting into Epicor’s suite of Sustainability Management solutions.

The Climatiq solution enables firms to calculate various metrics associated with carbon emissions, including:

  • Freight & Shipping Emissions
  • Autopilot – Purchased Goods & Services
  • Procurement Emissions
  • CBAM Emissions
  • Energy & Fuels Emissions
  • Travel Emissions

The firm is also hoping to add a calculator for Supplier Emissions in the near future. In addition, it leverages what it claims is the largest database of over 70,000 vetted emissions factors. These factors are from over 30 different sources and include metadata such as validity year, source, CO2e calculation method, region, quality flags and LCA activity.

The embedded solution will enable Epicor ERP solutions to accurately assess real-time carbon calculations, track emissions, and identify key opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint.

Kerrie Jordan, Group Vice President of Product Management at Epicor (image credit - LinkedIn/Kerrie Jordan)
Kerrie Jordan, Group Vice President of Product Management at Epicor

Kerrie Jordan, Group Vice President of Product Management at Epicor, commented, “We’re excited to work with Climatiq to assist our customers in reaching their sustainability goals and boosting profitability while reducing emissions. I’m incredibly proud of our team’s achievements in making this vision a reality.”

Hessam Lavi, Co-Founder and CEO at Climatiq, commented, “Our collaboration with Epicor highlights our dedication to helping organisations integrate sustainability into their daily operations. This alliance is a major step forward towards removing the barriers that have historically kept sustainability data separate from business processes. Now, Epicor users can seamlessly align their economic, service, and environmental objectives.”

 Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Epicor follows ERP vendor IFS in embedding the Climatiq technology. Other vendors include Salesforce, Jedoxm Celonis and Cisco. With sustainability a priority for manufacturers in 2024, this is a welcome announcement from Epicor. ISG put ESH as the second highest priority for manufacturers in its “Top 5 Manufacturing Priorities 2024”.  While Generative AI may be taking most of the headlines, manufacturers must make their products more sustainable in the coming months and years as governments legislate to reduce carbon emissions.

The first important step for manufacturers is understanding how they generate the emissions in the first place. Consumer and business customers are also demanding more sustainability products and are starting to choose those that are more sustainable, assuming the price point is right. The embedded Climatiq calculator enables manufacturers to make better informed decisions about reducing emissions without compromising profits. While Epicor announced the collaboration, customers will have to wait until 2025, when the solution is fully available. It isn’t clear which products yet will roll out first.


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