Zoho – Group actions in Project - Image by FlyerBine from Pixabay I have been using Zoho Projects for a while now and I do like it. There are many great features to make my work run smoother. I would like to share with you how to “tick off” a few tasks at the same time.

We are currently using the “Premium” version of the product. While the “Enterprise” version has far more customisation options available, there are some very useful personalisation features within the “Premium” version.

My projects consist of various tasks carried out by several people in my organisation. I have created a simple task list that is split into milestones. Stage 1 has 5 tasks to complete, all of which I need to do. Stage 2 has 4 tasks that 3 people complete. There are a few more stages.

I have created a new list of status options these are attached to the template I use most. Status options are different for every template you create. One of my status options is [Done] which completes the task. I chose to change the status [Closed] to [Done] simply because, to me, closed is for the completion of the project. “Done” is a word I use all the time, not closed. Selecting each task in turn to assign a status is a little time-consuming and a lot of clicking. Therefore, being able to assign a done status to several is great.

Selecting several tasks to change the status to Done at one time

My normal view of a project is showing only the Open Tasks, i.e. ones that have not been completed yet. The list of tasks is shown as [Group By Milestone]. This shows me easily which tasks are at which stage of the whole project. My view is set to list, not Gantt or Kanban. View list

Here is my screen. Task in Group view

To the left of the list of each task, you can see a box. When I click in this box, a toolbar appears above. Assigning toolbar

  • Check each box that needs the same status applied.
  • From this new tool bar select the status tool.
  • Select the option you require. e.g. Done.

multiple application

Your tasks have anew status applied. status applied in milestone

Selecting several tasks in several milestones

If I need to select tasks from different milestones then I change the view from [Group by Milestone] to [Group by None]. Group choices

My list of tasks is no longer grouped, so I can select whichever task I need from the entire project task list. Tasks without grouping

Assigning the status Done to the selected tasks

Once I have ticked the boxes for the tasks I have completed, from the toolbar that appears, I select [Status]. Status choice

A list appears, showing me all my status options. Status list

I select the [Done] and all the tasks are now completed. Completed tasks

So much quicker and more satisfying than doing it all individually.

Hope this has been useful to you.

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