Partnership Databricks Precisely IMage credit has announced the expansion of its partnership with Databricks, which was first announced in 2020. Over the last four years, the two companies have integrated their technology in various ways. This latest announcement makes the Precisely Data Integrity Suite available on Databricks Partner Connect.

The Databricks Partner Connect makes it easy for organisations to discover data, analytics and AI tools directly within the Databricks platform. They can quickly integrate the tools already in use. As of writing Databricks had not yet updated their partner diagram. And it will be interesting to see whether the Precisely logo appears in more than one bucket.

Historically Precisely has enabled organisations to use Precisely Connect to break down data silos. By integrating legacy mainframe and IBM i data into the Databricks Lakehouse platform. Using the unique and persistent location identifier, the PreciselyID, organisations can ensure data has maximum accuracy, consistency, and context by leveraging the address data in your Databricks environment.

The new integration will initially bring three of the Precisely Integrity Suite components to bear for joint customers with data quality, observability, and geo addressing. In time, though Precisely has not stated when these will be available, the company will add Data Integration, Data Governance, Spatial Analytics, and Data Enrichment.

From within Databricks Partner Connect, users are now able to create Data Integrity Suite trial accounts and take advantage of the new integrations. Roger Murff, VP of technology partners at Databricks, commented, “Precisely brings a unique combination of data integrity capabilities to our customer base. Advanced data integrity tools from Precisely, combined with the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, will provide our customers with faster access to reliable and actionable insights, driving innovation and operational efficiency.”

Bring trust to your data

For Databricks customers, this is an important addition to their Databricks environment. Gartner identified Data Integrity as one of the four key themes addressed by innovations from its 2023 HypeCycle research report. The report states, “AI relies on data, and better data leads to more reliable AI solutions. Without automated support, validating massive volumes of data is impossible.”

The Data Integrity Suite was built as a complete yet extendable platform that will enable organisations to build trust in their data. It is underpinned by the Data Integrity Foundation. Which includes a Data Catalog that enables organisations to organize and simplify access to enterprise data through a central hub. Thus ensuring it’s easy to find, understand, and responsibly use.

Eric Yau, COO at Precisely (Image Credit: Eric Yau)
Eric Yau, COO at Precisely

Above that, organisations can leverage the seven components of the Precisely Integrity Suite to help build accuracy and precision in their data. The suite also offers extensibility to further enrich the data from other sources.

Eric Yau, COO at Precisely, “We are proud of our continued collaboration with Databricks. Databricks users can now easily connect to the Precisely Data Integrity Suite and immediately build trust into the data they use for their business and make timely, confident decisions. Every organisation has unique data needs and our partnership with Databricks demonstrates our continued support to meet them wherever they are on their data journey.”

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These two companies have a history of working together effectively. This latest announcement should bring even more joint customers together. Both Precisely and Databricks have webpages dedicated to the partnership. Though there are no obvious customer testimonials on either side, an omission that will hopefully be rectified. Databricks will also hopefully update the Partner Connect page soon.


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