Acquia (credit image/Pixabay/Infinite Fantasy)Acquia, a provider of open digital experience software has launched Acquia Digital Experience Optimisation (DXO). Acquia says it is the first of any DXP vendor to offer a complete offering to maximize content relevance, search performance, and conversions. The new solution is an addition to the previously announced Monsido acquisition offering site governance and accessibility. Acquia’s new DXO solution will include two additional products: Acquia SEO; to increase brand visibility and engagement. Acquia Convert builds high-performing personalised experiences across the customer journey.

In today’s business landscape, every martech investment needs to maximise the ROI of marketing spend. It must have a clear line of sight to revenue, customer retention and profitability priorities. However, digital marketing teams traditionally have had to rely on disjointed tools from multiple vendors. This has made experience optimisation processes inefficient and hindered their overall effectiveness,” said Tom Bianchi, senior vice president of Product and Solutions Marketing at Acquia.

Acquia report (Image credit/LinkedIn/Tom Bianchi)
Tom Bianchi, VP Marketing, EMEA at Aquia

“Acquia DXO offers a more streamlined optimisation strategy. This helps any digital team to continuously improve the effectiveness of their digital experience. Particularly in ways that directly affect customer engagement and satisfaction, and advance them through their path to purchase,” Bianchi added.

A Comprehensive approach to digital experience optimisation

Acquia DXO offers a combination of capabilities that support digital marketing teams to optimise every aspect of their digital presence. Furthermore, it provides more productive digital journeys that meet today’s demands for frictionless, relevant, and accessible interactions. The three components, which can be used individually or in any combination, include:

  • Acquia SEO, powered by Conductor: Optimise content with SEO best practices and target high-value keywords to improve organic search performance. As a result, the solution increases site traffic, and ensure an enterprise’s digital presence captivates a broader audience. Acquia SEO provides content teams with actionable insights, real-time recommendations, and performance analytics that demystify the content optimization process. This makes it easy to iterate continuously and drive continuous content performance improvements across platforms and search engines.
  • Acquia Convert, powered by VWO: Understand user behaviours, test strategies, and personalise digital experiences with all the tools needed to drive higher conversion rates. Acquia Convert enables marketing teams to meet diverse customer expectations with the ability to analyse user behaviour. This is achieved through heatmaps, session recordings, on-page surveys, and more; conduct A/B, multivariate, split testing on individual digital elements. The solution leverages multiple data sources to provide tailored visitor experiences.
  • Monsido by Acquia: Ensure a solid foundation to deliver inclusive and accessible digital experiences that increase customer satisfaction with web governance tools that maintain digital accessibility compliance. This improves content quality and brand compliance, eliminate errors, and simplify data privacy and consent management.

Enterprise Times: What this means for busineses

One of the benefits of Acquia’s DXP platform is that can easily integrate with solutions from other providers. As a result, customers can create solutions that best meet their needs. So the company has now expanded its digital experience platform, with the launch of DXO which enables marketers to optimise digital marketing spend with better performing digital experiences. As one of the most open DXP, Acquia SEO, Acquia Convert, and Monsido are easily integrated with the entire Acquia portfolio. In addition to third-party CMS, commerce, customer data and analytics, and marketing automation platforms.

Acquia says it supports ambitious digital innovators to curate productive, frictionless digital experiences. Such experiences that differentiate them from customers, employees and communities. The company is clearly trying to keep clear blue competitive waters with the launch of Acquia DXO. It will be interesting to read customer reviews of the new solution. Hopefully, they will be rave reviews!


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