Feedback Contact Centre Image by Tumisu from PixabayMedallia has announced that Lowell, one of the largest debt collection agencies in the UK, has increased its investment in the Medallia platform. Lowell will deploy the Medallia Experience Cloud to help it uncover more, and relevant customer insights from across its website, app and contact centre and then turn those insights into action. With more than 9.5 million customers Lowell hopes to leverage the experience cloud to deliver even greater value.

Lowell already uses Medallia Digital Experience Analytics to better understand the digital journeys of customers across its website. Using MDEA, it has been able to monitor online behaviours. With the feedback, make changes to improve the customer journey.

Medallia Experience Cloud will likely replace the Upland Rant & Rave solution it has used for several years. It hopes that the Medallia Experience Cloud will enable every Lowell employee, from contact centre agent to its exec team to quickly and easily identify actionable insights, within the fully scalable solution.

Lisa Hulme-Vickerstaff, Head of Customer Research & Insight at Lowell, commented, “In this challenging economic environment, we feel a strong responsibility to innovate and help our customers better manage their debt. Our work with Medallia will enable us to get closer to our customers as we look to provide an improved service and an increased number of repayment options. Lowell has a relationship with one in five adults within the UK, and as such, we want to provide a positive experience and offer meaningful support that helps our customers regain control of their debt.”

The power of a platform

While Upland may have other solutions that Lowell could have taken advantage of, they instead decided to expand their usage of the Medallia platform. Importantly, the platform approach enables the company to remove any silos between different feedback solutions. This presents a complete view across the organisation’s customer base and their channels. Deploying the Medallia Experience Cloud will enable Lowell to deepen its understanding of every customer journey at scale.

Lowell will take advantage of the real-time analytics. Reporting the solution offers to identify, prioritise and react to the challenges that customers face. It will help Lowell to achieve the customer-centric approach that it strives for across all its customers.

Eduardo Crespo, Senior Vice President and GM, UK&I, Middle East at Medallia
Eduardo Crespo, Senior Vice President and GM, UK&I, Middle East at Medallia

Eduardo Crespo, Senior Vice President and GM, UK&I, Middle East at Medallia, said, “Lowell is an organisation that is committed to enacting positive change for the benefit of its customers. We are delighted to expand our partnership with Lowell and provide the leading-edge technology that will help its teams and employees to identify at-risk customers, prioritise meaningful action and drive revenue-impacting business decisions. We look forward to enabling Lowell to positively impact the lives of thousands of households across the UK and improve customers’ financial stability and health over time.”

Enterprise Times:  What does this mean?

For individuals in debt, it can be very stressful. Lowell aims to help customers with long-term affordable repayment plans, breathing spaces, extensive forbearance procedures and an award-winning vulnerable customer strategy. With Medallia, it hopes to better understand customers. In doing so can achieve its aim of putting the customer at the heart of everything it does.

For Lowell, the customer experience is critical. It has already achieved a consistently high Net Promotor Score in the UK at 59 and the Nordics at 52. Its Group Client Customer Treatment Score, stands at 99%, well above its target of maintaining 85%. However, complacency is an enemy, and this investment aims to ensure that Lowell retains or even improves on these metrics.

As John Pears, UK Regional CEO, commented, “Continuing to invest in digital capabilities is a priority for Lowell. We want to continue to offer our customers choice and provide quick access to information and support.”

That almost maniacal focus on maintaining its KPIs is critical in a sector where a poor experience can lead to reputational damage. In leveraging Medallia, it hopes to get a greater understanding of the customer journey, especially as they evolve over time. The challenge for Medallia is to prove its worth in an environment that is already performing well. It will be interesting to see what metrics it manages to help improve.

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