Professional Services Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayLast week, Proggio announced a major revamp of its pricing schemes. It will now offer its solutions for a fixed price, no matter how many users organisations have. Accelo, Asana and Planview announced product updates in other news, with Planview revealing a new generative AI Copilot solution.


Accelo revealed more information about the upgrade to its Client portal feature. The update includes changes to the user interface to align with the recent improvements to Accelo. The left-hand side navigation now mirrors what you see in Accelo. Overall, screens have a more modern style to them, with better spacing and grouping of information.


Asana revealed the latest updates, rolled out in September. Adding an emoji at the start of a project name is now possible to create a customer tab icon for each project. When setting up recurring tasks, users can specify which day of the week the task can recur.

There are also improvements to Asana Goals. There are now 3 fixed organisation-wide goal types and customisable templates to bring standardisation to goals. Users can now export goals into a spreadsheet. Asana has also added the ability to add headers, tables, inline images, and more to goal descriptions.

Other improvements include integration improvements for Google Docs and Jira Cloud. With Google Docs smart chips, “@-mention” Asana tasks directly into a Google Doc to surface relevant data from Asana and maintain visibility on workflow progress. There is now a two-way sync between designated fields in Asana and Jira to automate updates.


BestOutcome announced that it has been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001 certification for its commitment to delivering the highest quality management standards.

David Walton, Director of BestOutcome, commented, “We are extremely proud to have attained ISO 9001 certification, which reflects our unwavering dedication to providing our customers with the best possible products and services.

“This achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team, who continually strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.”

BigTime Software

BlueSnap has partnered with BigTime Software to bring customers online payment and financial management capabilities. BigTime will extend the availability of BigTime Wallet, its award-winning payments solution, to small and mid-sized professional services organizations in Canada. Seeking optimized financial management, streamlined accounts receivable (AR) processes. As well as efficient online payment capabilities to enhance cash flow and client interactions with BlueSnap.

Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO at BlueSnap, said, “Even though paper-based checks slow payment and AR processes and present a range of hidden costs and security risks, they continue to be the primary form of payment used by Canada’s professional services companies today. By enabling the availability of BigTime Wallet in Canada through this partnership, we’re helping BigTime meet the demands of clients in need of modernized, online payment and financial management capabilities.”

Mark Johnson, Chief Product Officer at BigTime, said, “Simplifying the payment process to expedite cash flow is a shared priority among professional service firms. Our partnership with BlueSnap now extends this service to Canada, offering fully integrated payments, invoicing, and accounting reconciliation for our customers in that market.”

In addition to the existing features available to all BigTime Wallet customers, Canadian organizations will also have access to exclusive benefits. Such as a Pre-Authorized Debit payment option. This eliminates payment size limits, reduces the likelihood of payment failures, and contributes to a decrease in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). Enhancing financial management and cash flow.


Planview announced Planview Copilot. Planview Copilot takes advantage of the data held by organisations within its Portfolio Management, Value Stream Management, and Agile Planning and Delivery to provide insights to help organisations make strategic decisions using a conversational interface.

Razat Gaurav, CEO at Planview, said, “As organizations embark on a growing number of digital transformation initiatives while leveraging a plethora of tools to execute them, there is a tremendous opportunity to reimagine how smarter decisions can be made to accelerate business outcomes. Planview Copilot leverages all the relevant data across project and product initiatives and brings insights, decision support, and actions through a simple, conversational interface. This is an important evolution in our journey from being a system of record to becoming a system of insights for digital transformations.”

Planview Copilot will be available in Q4 2023 and offer advice to executive leaders, portfolio managers and project teams.

Richard Sonnenblick, Chief Data Scientist at Planview, said, “Building the future of connected work starts with a deep, insightful understanding of how our customers deliver services, launch products, and successfully implement their strategies.

“That understanding begins with customer data: We apply AI and machine-learning methods to each customer’s current and historical operational data to predict task completion, provide early warning about tasks requiring course correction, and highlight disconnects between strategic goals and in-flight activities. Through Planview Copilot, generative AI is the icing on the cake, offering an easy-to-use, conversational gateway to these sophisticated AI/ML insights.”


Rocketlane announced that it had achieved Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) STAR LEVEL ONE certification. Founded in 2013 by the CSA, the Security Trust Assurance and Risk – STAR, evaluates cloud solution providers on transparency, auditing rigour, cloud security, and privacy best practices.

Deepak Bala, CTO and Co-founder of Rocketlane, said, “We have built a world-class product, and we want our underlying infrastructure also to maintain the highest standards of security. CSA STAR LEVEL ONE recognition continues to motivate us to build an impermeable system that implicitly reassures customers and prospects that they are working with the best in the space.”

PSA PPM and Work Management news from the week beginning 4th September 2023



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