Contentstack (credit image/Pixabay/b1-foto)European airline group Air France-KLM has selected Contentstack to support the Group’s digital transformation initiative. The new composable architecture solution aims to provide seamless and curated omnichannel experiences to its customers worldwide.

Air France-KLM required a composable DXP approach that enabled them to integrate its existing technology stack into a new CMS that leveraged MACH principles – Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless. The company was selected for its expertise in composable architecture and easy to use interface. The partnership will enable Air France-KLM to benefit from a more agile journey. At the same time, working together to improve and update its technology capabilities.

Contentstack is part of a composable digital strategy that will enable Air France-KLM to create seamless and personalised customer journeys. In addition to streamlined publishing processes for eCommerce developers, content creators, and SEO specialists. Contentstack’s API library provides the ability to easily integrate applications in the Air France-KLM technology ecosystem. It also offers the agility required to support growth channels and adapt to changing customer needs.

Delivering consistent content

(credit image/LinkedIn/Ramon Weterings)
Ramon Weterings, VP Sales EMEA at Contentstack.

“Whether it’s on board our aircraft or on our digital touchpoints, we aim to offer unique experiences to our customers. We needed a solution that allows us to get ahead of customer needs. Providing them a personalised user journey,” said Hugo Rousset, VP Digital Products & Services at Air France-KLM.

Migrating to Contentstack contributes to delivering more consistent content across all our touchpoints and all markets. At the same time, it enables us to integrate our existing tech stack and adapt quickly to the changing landscape.”

“For enterprises like Air France-KLM, speed and agility are critical to efficiently managing content processes. As well as understanding customer demand,” said Ramon Weterings, VP Sales EMEA at Contentstack.

By harvesting the power of composable, headless technology, Air France-KLM is now better equipped to adapt to change. Without having to compromise on quality. In partnership with Contentstack, they can continue delivering superior digital experiences whilst benefiting from rapid, agile, and reliable internal workflows.”

The Contentstack solution is being implemented to integrate with Air France-KLM’s consumer websites. It will support the next generation of digital experiences, with additional websites to follow later this year.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

Contentstack offers a comprehensive fully-automated composable digital experience platform. In February 2023, the company launched it’s first-of-a-kind, Contentstack Launch, a front-end hosting service, accelerating digital experience development from code to presentation.

The solution is integrated into the Contentstack platform and is expected to support a seamless ‘better together’ development experience from the back-end to the front-end. At this stage, unsure if, the contract win with Air France-KLM will utilise Contentstack Launch. Needless to say, it is an impressive contract win with Contentstack up-levelling the digital transformation journey for the airline Group.


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