web data collection - Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayCelebrus has unveiled the latest version of its first real-time customer data and fraud prevention platform. This release introduces three new or enhanced features powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Ant Phillips, CTO, commented, “Celebrus continues to go from strength to strength, and the enhancements in this latest product release are no exception. Artificial Intelligence is only as good as the data that feeds it, which means Celebrus has never been more critical to the future of our customers and the relationships they build with their consumers.”

Ant Phillips, CTO, Celebrus
Ant Phillips, CTO, Celebrus

The Celebrus platform brings together customer data that helps organisations enhance customer experience and mature fraud detection capabilities. This combination of functionality makes sense as organisations often seek separate systems to solve the problem. It also allows Celebrus to bring better contextualisation with the data it holds to enhance personalisation and fraud detection.

Three major improvements

Celebrus highlights three key features for the update:

Machine Learning Advances Model Scoring

Celebrus has enhanced the use cases for its model scoring with this release. While the company did not specify these new models, existing models include real-time insights for ad optimisation, product recommendations, and intent to apply for a personal loan for a major bank. The new models leverage the built-in connectors to hyperscalar scoring services such as Azure, AWS and Google, as well as the Celebrus self-hosted scoring servers (PMML). The combination of scoring services enables Celebrus to deliver the new continuous scoring models in real time.

High-Performance Bot Detection

Bots are becoming more sophisticated, like viruses, new iterations, which often evolve rapidly, must first be detected and analysed before they can be countered. With this release, Celebrus is offering a new subscription-based Bot Detection service. Details of pricing were not provided in the release, nor are the new service details visible on the Celebrus website. The new services aim to identify bots operating in real-time, enabling organisations to prevent pay-per-click (PPC) fraud and credential stuffing attacks.

Generative AI applications emerge.

Celebrus has built new generative AI capabilities into the platform. It has chosen to use an anonymized dataset of visitor profiles to power use cases such as self-service chatbots, hyper-personalization and perfectly tailored email marketing campaigns. Details of what these capabilities are were limited.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This appears to be a substantive step forward for the Celebrus platform. However, the detail behind the release announcement is light, and the information on the Celebrus website is limited. More information may be available to existing customers on the gated customer portal, but it is not publicly available yet.

It will be interesting to see the emerging use cases. Both for the model scoring capabilities and the generative AI use cases for customers in the coming weeks and months.


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